Start a Mobile Spa, Launch a Successful Day Spa or Upgrade Your Current Spa Business

Becca Starr can help you SUCCEED in the Spa Industry


Health, Beauty, Spa and Skin Care continue to be a leading consumer demand, and yet, only a few companies are truly thriving.

Becca believes that helping humanity relax, feel good and look beautiful is essential to this world. This personal mission is accomplished professionally by working with spa owners to successfully launch new business or increase the current client base and achieve overall success.

“We have the opportunity to help an immense amount of people – the client, technicians, vendors, and all who benefit from the circulation of money, health, and beauty. Spas are a service to our community, they make life more peaceful and joyful. We are in such an amazing and rewarding field.”

Becca Starr offers a plethora of guidelines, personalized product and menu recommendations, team management, marketing strategies, and a custom road map to accelerate success. Covering all aspects of the business model, Becca provides one-on-one consultations, group trainings, and assists companies in all stages of development.

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