Happy March!

I’m offering each Infant Massage Certification program for 50% off until the 1st day of Spring!

I created IMC | Infant Massage Certification a few years ago as a way to work from home. Initially I had massage therapists in mind since that’s how I was introduced to baby massage. Of course it’s great for them but so many of my students have been in the NEONATAL field and their feedback has been THE BEST!! They have a gazillion opportunities to share this skill and it’s been incredibly rewarding to hear their experiences after certification.

I would LOVE for more people like that to find this so if you know anyone who works in neonatal, please, please, please share this with them!! I’m positive they will thank you for it, as will all the babies

ENROLL HERE: www.InfantMassageCertification.com

Discount Code: SPRING2017

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!