Spa owner, thought leader, entrepreneur & speaker.

I’m here to support you in discovering your unique calling & increase your profitability.

Hi Dreamer!

I’m Becca Starr & for 15 years I worked with celebrities, leaders, musicians & an impressive list of distinguished companies.

In 2010, I started feeling pulled to get closer to my heart & a deeper calling.

After lots of soul searching, I realized I needed to be a mother & I needed to do THIS.

I’m beyond excited to share my experience, education & expertise as a Success Coach for women entrepreneurs.

My personal story is the perfect example of dreams coming true in spite of being against all odds. Stick around long enough & you’ll hear about it. But we ALL have a story, don’t we. Our hard times don’t have to define us. Our pain can have a purpose. 

Every one of us is entitled to true happiness & deep satisfaction & it’s up to us individually to own that & create it. This is how I help you the most.

Professionally, I LOVE teaching groups & coaching private clients, I offer this online & in person. My biggest limitation these days is TIME. Because of this, I’ve gotten resourceful & creative, two things imperative to your success!

Finding a way to offer my services to ALL women, to truly help the world in a significant way, I’m currently coaching & speaking to groups & I’ve created some amazing online coaching programs for extraordinary women.

If you’d like to work with me one on one, it’s possible, but the best way to first see if we’re a good fit is with a Discovery Session which I offer free of charge. If you don’t see any openings in my schedule just shoot me an email & we’ll figure it out.

My hope is that every one of you is in touch with & sharing your greatness. To do that, you need to know what it is! You need to know how to start, what to do next, how to maintain & keep going.

Manifesting big dreams for 25 years, mom to Zander & Athena, wife of a rock star & a spiritual badass is mostly what I’m about.

Successful entrepreneur of online, brick & mortar & mobile businesses, I’m also a little powerhouse & huge believer in your extraordinary success.

The question is, who are you & what do you want to do in this world? Let’s connect & see exactly how to make that happen.