25 Best Motivational Quotes: By Women & For Women

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Motivation Isn’t Just For Mondays…

Do you need motivation on Mondays because you’re dreading the week ahead or because you are so committed to starting something badass & this is the day you chose to finally make it happen?

Mondays are a great day to begin something new, to finally take an action you’ve been determined to take. They’re sort of like a new year, a fresh start & a new chance to make something better of ourselves.

But motivation isn’t just for Mondays. When we’re living that high-vibe, fulfilling life, we can feel amazing often but it’s hard work! It’s sort of like parenting, it never ends.

What if you don’t feel like doing anything today? Well, actually, as an entrepreneur, if you don’t have any pressing commitments, take the day off! But if you know you have stuff you need to do & you just need a little push, the motivation you’ll find below will give you that kick you need!

I searched high & low for the best of the best, the quotes that will help me on Mondays and every day of the week. Save them to your Pinterest boards or share them with your social networks. I’ve also included a FREE DOWNLOAD to make it super easy to keep these powerful reminders nearby.


Do You Have A Case Of The Mondays?

As a successful entrepreneur who feels fulfilled in life, Mondays are an opportunity to apply new inspirations or get back to work on a program I put aside over the weekend.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been an entrepreneur so I don’t have much experience with 9-5’s or having a case of “The Mondays”, but I can absolutely relate in a few ways.

I remember being overweight thinking I am GOING to start this diet on Monday. I’ll eat whatever I want now, go grocery shopping so I have what I need & I’ll be totally ready to change my entire life when I wake up Monday morning.

Well guess what, Monday after Monday came and went and I never changed. I lost my commitment. I forgot why it was so important. I was too comfortable in the pain and familiarity of my relationship with food.

Caring for ourselves nutritionally is a whole other conversation, but can you relate to any parallels? Are you addicted to the familiarity of a job that’s not satisfying? Or the paycheck it gives you? Or the ease of not having to step out of your comfort zone?

Just like any good ‘Monday diet’ we can forget why the calling we have is so important. We can say "f*ck it" or we can get busy and caught up with things that seem important but are really just distractions. Once we’re faced with the moment in time to move forward into our greatness, we can easily convince ourselves that it’s not that important.

We have a choice the way we begin the week. You can stay at a job that makes you unhappy, you can do the same old same old & continue mediocrity, or you can have a plan & begin taking the steps you know in your heart are exactly what you need to be doing to get where you want to go. You just need a little support & a lot of motivation.

If you’re in the category of working full-time, taking care of a family or having a life filled to the brim with responsibilities, trust me when I tell you: You only need 15 minutes a day to get started living the life you were meant to live. I’ve written tons of other articles & led workshops on how to spend those 15 minutes, here’s a few [things] that might help:


25 Best Quotes for Motivation

Thank You, Carol Burnett. She’s the first in the long line of powerful women who will be quoted in this post.
One of the greatest gifts we can EVER give ourselves is the awareness and acceptance of our personal responsibility. This doesn’t mean we don’t create loving relationships and professional teams to support us, but we are the end all, be all to our happiness, to the course of our lives.
Once we take this step, we begin to act with more courage, clarity, love & power.

It’s so easy to face challenge after challenge and think the best solution is to give up. It helps me to remember the women who came before us to pave the way to great freedoms we have. Sometimes I think they were stronger than I am, I’m not like that.

We all have a potential untapped. Maybe yours is in the day to day of bringing your business to life but never, ever give up believing that it’s in your heart for a reason. Things are always in motion, they will change. The tide will always turn.

Knowing in your heart that you are meant to be here, you are meant to do what you’re being called to do – this gives you confidence & clarity. This gives you something that no one can take away from you. Own your greatness. Do not be afraid. You are born to do this.
When I lead groups or coach individuals, it’s painful for me to hear how many reasons some women have for something NOT being possible. It seems to be a set point for some people.

Rather than think of why you can’t achieve something, think of all of the ways you MIGHT be able to. With that perspective, taking actions towards it will lead to more possibilities, more ways to achieve it that you hadn’t thought about or didn’t know before then. Trust the process.

You don’t need to know how you’re going to get there, you just need to do what’s right in front of you.

Does this happen for you? Do you do it to yourself? Comparing ourselves to others is a common challenge with human beings. Someone will always be better or worse than us, but if there’s someone in your life coming from a low-vibe place, start your inner healing to make better choices.

We want relationships that lift us up. If you’re spending time in your head feeling bad about yourself, just know you’re choosing that. And you can choose to change that whenever you’re ready.

The thing about life, especially entrepreneur life, is that there will always be defeating situations. There’s high points & low points but of course, the low points are harder to navigate. I’ve found disappointment to be the most challenging. I love this quote because it reminds us the there will be defeats, things don’t go the way we hoped or planned, but we must never be defeated.
I’ve been speaking more recently about the resources we have as entrepreneurs. Money and talent are unlimited. Yes, believe it or not, they are.

The one resource we have that is hard and fast LIMITED is TIME. You don’t know if you have tomorrow, never mind next year. What are you doing with the limited, VALUABLE time that you do have? Act now, sister, without delay! You got this!

Don’t you just love hearing stories from successful people about all the trials and setbacks they had? It gives me hope and inspires me to know, I can do this. We have to fail in order to be successful. It’s SO much easier said than done but if you can start letting that sink in and embracing the failures as opportunities to SUCCEED, you’ll take more risks, you’ll keep moving forward, you’ll know that this IS your moment and you will begin to own it.
No reasons why we shouldn’t or couldn’t, and no excuses. They don’t work. Here’s the thing, if you give an excuse, it’s lame. But when you give reasons why you can’t do something, I have a new rule. Sure, explain why something might not work a certain way, but also share 5 other reasons why you can or how it MIGHT be possible. New rule:
Amen, Ms. Hepburn! I love this one and although I’m sure I heard it a long time ago, I’d completely forgotten about it. It’s right in the word!! Did you all know this before just now?
As a former perfectionist, I know what it’s like to want things to be just right before proceeding. That’s horse poop.
Nothing is ever perfect (did I just say that?!). Sometimes, like with this article, I release or publish content that’s SO not perfect. I know that I can go back and edit if I needed to, I can change my mind, I don’t have to feel stuck in any way.
It’s so easy to let this idea of perfection stand in our way of moving forward. We learn more and do more when we let it go.
Having clarity gives us a boost in confidence. Consider the woman saying this, consider how she must have felt when she did what she knew must be done. Consider what you’re facing and let her story inspire you.
Of course you can do it. Know what needs to be done, today, not next week, and just do it.

Which One’s Your Favorite?

Let me know below & get more powerful quotes in Part 2!

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