25 Motivation Quotes: By Women For Women (Part 2)

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Here’s the 2nd part of Motivation Quotes that will light a fire in your heart & under your butt Don’t forget to access the Free Printables & keep these powerful statements nearby.

I’ve been known to be a go-getter, tenacious, & motivated as all heck, but that doesn’t mean I don’t need reminders as much as possible. We all do. They keep us on track & support us in being the authentic, driven, purposeful women we’re meant to be.

Which one of these quotes stands out the most to you? What helps you remember your power? Comment below & let me know!

Another great quote is “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
You go straight until you can’t go straight anymore. When you’re driving a car & you get to the end of a road, do you just give up & leave your car there? No, you take a left or you take a right. Imagine when you hit obstacles that they are just leading to new roads.
Nadalie has become one of my new favorite bloggers. She uses the phrase “Slay Your Goals” & it’s the feeling you get throughout her website. Here’s an article I wrote over there & check out all of her resources.
This particular quote I read in her Sunday article, every Sunday I get an awesome email from being on her list. She shares vulnerability & power in everything.

This takes the idea of defeat even further. There's literally no possibility of defeat. Defeat does not even exist. How true is this?!! Remember when you feel like it's happening, it's not possible, it doesn't exist, & it's just information that you needed to change your course or make different decisions.

Be brave. Speak up. Be who you are & share that with others. Out loud. It takes courage, every day, to be a successful entrepreneur. What are you doing today to think for yourself & be yourself aloud? Think of ways you can do this more.

Sometimes it's easy to think that by not taking the risk of being authentically great, we are safer. That's a lie. To not risk anything, you go nowhere.

You've lived a life without the gifts & the depths of what are available to you. When you are on your death bed, how might that feel. You'd have to ignore a lot to get over that feeling. It's helpful to think of what you might feel like at that moment, or what others say about dying.

If you search my site for the Rocking Chair Test, it's a great exercise to know if something is worth the risk, if it will be meaningful to you in the long run.

I get it, sometimes we just want to get there right now, there has to be a shortcut! There's no shortcuts, unfortunately, & if you learn the backstory of the uber successful, or those that seem like overnight successes, you'll see, it's a process. It takes a lot of perseverance, tenacity & hard work. And then, it happens.

I can speak from experience on this one. I did not come from a happy childhood, nor did I do things that were meaningful or made me feel proud. Until the day came that I made the decision to be more for myself.

It didn't happen instantly but if you know me now, you'd never guess in a million years that it's part of my story. I'm truly happy, successful, fulfilled & proud of the life I've built. I did it by my own rules which feels amazing.

I created love & a life that is worth living, a life to share with my children & their children. Define success on your own terms & you will achieve it. Never give up.

It's not possible to achieve big goals without doing things that scare you. What can you do today that scares you just a little?

Wake up tomorrow & ask yourself the same question. Do those things! For me, video was scary. Now videos are super easy for me but doing a Facebook Live was terrifying, until I did it. Now I'm super confident to do that too. Whatever it looks like, grow your business by taking actions that scare you, every day.

This relates to the quote above. My husband & I both do coaching & one of our biggest messages is to get out of your comfort zone. Why? Because it's what works. It's what works for us & it's what will work for you. 
You don't live in a bubble, nor are you meant to. What can you do to step out of your comfort zone? Do that thing. Then stay in that question.
Most people would never guess that I'm an introvert, super nervous about social settings, & my self esteem has & does hit low points. Seriously, if we socialize or I've led a workshop that you're in, I know it's not what you see in me.
I decided a long time ago to feel the fear & do it anyway. You don't tiptoe into those situations, you can't be courageous & cautious at the same time - they don't work well together. I'll share more about this concept in a later article, I also have previous videos on this.
For now, try it out. Be courageous. Do what scares you. Throw caution to the wind!

Who do you need to be to get to where you want to go? Even without being there yet, you can always be that person.

You can always do things that will get you there.

Does it mean acting with more integrity? Or saving money? Starting the business that you want to turn into an empire? What does it look like & what can you do now in order to get there?

There's no mistakes when it comes to your calling. It might not make sense but it's there for a reason. The world needs what only you can offer, what is it?

How can you reach more people, and get to the next level?

It's your responsibility. Now is the time. You got this.

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