27 Ways to Tap Into Your Unique Genius

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I’m so excited to share this topic with you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved putting it together for you. If this topic could help you, use these suggestions slowly over time, or try them all in a week, just use them!

Let me know what you get most of it! And in two days…. I’ll have an incredible interview to share with you! I’m giddy…if you listened to our Monday Motivation Podcast this week, you know who it is, shhh! It’s good, you’re going to get a LOT of great concepts from this guy :)

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#1. Take a walk in nature. Let yourself be present to your surroundings and your breath. Fresh air will do your mind and your body wonders. For those of us, like me, who live in the city, it's not always easy, but it's never impossible. You live in New York City, you have Central Park, you have beautiful neighborhoods. You live in Los Angeles, we have lots of parks. It's truly about tuning in and really just making the decision to let yourself be present in your surroundings, in the fresh air, and where there are some trees.

For me, when I have set my intention to really connecting to my surroundings, I will notice a squirrel in a whole new way, like, "Huh, look at that beautiful little ... Look at what the squirrel is doing." The magic, the beauty of nature, it's bigger than us, and when we surround ourselves, and we put ourselves in it, we begin to become more creative and we become bigger. It really helps our entire state of being.

#2. You're a human being, not a human doing. Remember this. When you put pressure on yourself to accomplish or do more, it's usually more than you really have to. When you're beginning to feel that pressure, start to think like a Navy Seal. Start to think, "The world is in chaos and I need to save the day. What is it that is the most important?" At that point, let everything else go. If it's getting the kids out the door in the morning, what do you not have to do? Start to really prioritize and let go of everything else. You are a human being, my friend. You're not a human doing.

This is one I have got to remind myself of a lot, but it really works, and just even telling myself, "I'm a human being." That's enough. We don't have to be doing, so it's a really good one for me personally, and I really hope that one helps you, as a woman especially, because I know we like to multitask.

#3. Who inspires you? Think of the people who may be alive or they're not on this earth anymore, just their stories are still here. They live on their legacy. Listen, read about them, watch them. If they are somebody that you can call up on the telephone, or send an email, send some type of communication to them, get in touch with them. It could be an aunt or your grandmother. It could be somebody that you personally know. Who inspires you?

#4. Be more present in your moments. When you're with another person, put your phone away. Make eye contact. Deepen your ability to listen. By doing this, we become more real. We become more authentic. We hear things in a new way. We could hear the thing that really resonates with us in a whole new way, and makes us see our beauty in a way that we weren't able to before, just by simply becoming more present.

#5. Try something new in your business or in your life, both. New ideas get sparked when we try new things. Your vision is ignited.

#6. surround yourself with beauty, color, and free space. This really works well for me. Freedom and joy in our environment produce freedom and happiness and joy in our minds.

#7. Add uplifting feel-good music to your day. Bonus tip: Dance in your home, by yourself, with your kids, your partner, in your car, the fun nature of music and dance is medicine for your genius.

#8. Write morning pages. Look into this technique if you're not familiar with it. The goal is to free write three full pages each morning. It helps to clear your mind, and what it does is, simply put, it makes room for new ideas and thoughts that matter more.

#9. Design an environment that encourages you. Use Feng shui, just most importantly, put things that you love and make you feel good in your home, in your workspace, in your car, be thoughtful and intentional in designing an environment that encourages you.

#10. Write 100 ideas of my unique spark of genius is. Finish that sentence 100 times. Just keep writing. This doesn't have to make sense or be reasonable. This is a proven method to help you connect more with your authenticity.

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#11. Create a vision board. I recently did a vision board show. An episode that gave you lots of resources to guide you through creating them. They're a wonderful way to get more in touch with things that feel good and your unique sparks of genius. Your strengths. Things that you are good at, and are attracted to.

#12. Use your imagination more. Tap into it, trust it. Many of these are meant to help you tap into your creativity. When you do that, and you just trust the flow of it, what happens is more comes. Often times, we are sparked by ideas that we may not have had before, so anything you can do to tap into your imagination. The next one will also help you to do that.

#13. Turn off the TV and your telephone. Detach from your digital, detach from electronics, and see what happens over time.

#14. Use a pen and paper to write your thoughts and journal. It's more effective to help you connect and really tap into your unique self, rather than typing on a computer. Do old-school stuff, pen and paper it, there's a flow that happens with this mind and motor skill connection. It really begins a flow. A channel is created and it gets stronger the more that you do it.

#15. Let your mind wander while you're doing monotonous activities, like the dishes, or taking a shower. Usually, water is great also because you, for some reason, get more thoughts when you're in the water. They actually ... I have a waterproof notepad in the shower and it's a great idea because don't you always get these great ideas in the shower? Seriously, by the time you dry off, forget about it. You don't even know what it was. Let your mind wander, especially in these routine activities where you don't need to pay attention to too many details. You've done it 100 times before, you have known what you're doing. Your mind wants to wander. It's a great opportunity for it, and when you allow that and go with it, you just see what comes up.

#16. Write inspirations down as you get them. Writing things down is taking an action. If you have listened to any of my shows before, you do know that I have said that many times. I'm going to put a link in the show notes just so that you can access exactly how to do that, just in case you haven't heard that in a previous show yet.

#17. I'm going to end with this one, and in our download, you will be able to access the last 10, which is the full 27 ways to tap into your unique spark of genius. Number 17: Take a walk with a friend. Someone that's creative. Someone that really lifts you up. Your perspective together is higher. Somebody that likes to dream with you. Someone that you can talk to easily. I had a business partner many years ago, and we needed to come up with a name for our business. We weren't really getting it. We felt like it was there, but we didn't know what it was. What we did together as we put on our roller skates, we roller skated around Lake Hollywood. This is how we came up with our very successful business name. We just kept talking. There are no wrong ideas. There's nothing ever wrong in creation, in creating.

What happened for us, we were rollerskating around, we kept playing with ideas and names and took our roller skates off, and we were walking back to the car and I remember we were walking down a hill, and one of us said it. It completely embodied our business in the essence of what we stood for. It was perfect, and we both always looked back on that. It is a beautiful magical moment. We were willing to show up for the creative process.

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