How To Manifest $30,000 by January 31st (My Framework)

confidence coaching how to kick butt micro-actions slay your goals Nov 10, 2020

In this week's podcast (airing Tuesday morning) I'll share the exact framework that I've been using in 2020. It's consistently helped me...

1. Overcome big feelings of uncertainty


2. Achieve great success with my goals

This year has presented a lot of new challenges, too many! But along with challenges comes ...REFINEMENT.

Manifestation has always (usually) been an easy process for me, it comes fairly quick and easy. Depending on how aligned my 'feelings' are to what I hope to create, is how effortless the goal is achieved.

The hardest times in my life have been when I have REALLY BIG FEELINGS about what's going on. Really big, negative feelings.

The feelings I define as 'negative' are worry, fear, overwhelm, doubt, insecurity, shame, guilt, the list could go on....

When we spend time trying to sort out negative thoughts, that doesn't help manifest great things quick and easy.

Negative thinking is a part of life but it doesn't always have to be.

So today, I'll share with you my current (badass) framework that's been keeping my thoughts clear, my feelings on point, and my manifestations rolling in every day.

First, think of your goal. What circumstance do you desire?

This is not your PROCESS, this is your first step and what you'll remember throughout the process. 

Your process, AKA your 'job' is to believe the desired outcome is inevitable.

Your 'work' is to be aware of any thought or feeling you have that does NOT support it's inevitability. 

The Universe has the bigger job of letting you know How and When it will play out, that's NOT YOUR JOB. 

Your job is to BELIEVE the goal you have is inevitable.

How, exactly, do you do this? Great question.

It's not enough to 'think positive' or to just ignore your negative thoughts. Those might be solutions some of the time, but it's not a sustainable practice.

The Framework

Preferred Thought - Which thought do you need to believe to support the inevitable outcome of your desired circumstance?

Preferred Feeling - What feeling is best for you to embody in order to receive the desired circumstance?


My goal is to earn $30k by January 31st, 2021.

That's the desire I'm committed to manifesting.

The work I'll do around this is journal writing how I'm ACTUALLY thinking and feeling.

Which means, for me, every day I get out my notebook and state the goal. 

What comes up for me when I write that goal down and/or say it out loud? What thoughts am I having that are fear-based, insecure, doubtful or negative?

I write those thoughts down and ask THIS QUESTION:

Is there something going on with me that I might NOT want to make $30k by Jan 31st?

I know, sounds crazy, right?

But it's usually the reason you don't already have this result!

So I ask, and write my responses to:

What's happening with me, really? What am I afraid of?

Where am I feeling this in my body?

How is it showing up in my physical body?

Usually, my fears and doubts can show up in my chest or throat, I feel very closed off and a tight pressure.

The INTENTION of my journaling is to find the resolution for these fears.

The SUCCESSFUL outcome of my goal CANNOT AFFORD negative thinking.

I've found that my entire well-being cannot afford negative thinking, but that's for another article.

For today, let's get clear on YOUR STEPS...

First, define your goal.

Second, define ONE thought you need to believe in order for this to actually happen.

Third, define ONE feeling that best vibes with your successful manifestation.

Finally, be aware EVERY DAY of thoughts and feelings that are not ALIGNED with your #1 Thought and #1 Feeling State.

Bonus, journal with the intention of truly resolving these dis-beliefs and contrary patterns that show up for you along the way. 

And if working with a coach is something you're ready for, I promise it will get you to the desired outcome EVEN FASTER. If you've ever worked with a coach who keeps you on track and moving forward, you know this! 

My own experience has been it's a major time-saver and extraordinary support and guidance system.

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