3 Things To Know When You Start Your Business

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When I opened my first business, a Spa nearly 20 years ago I WISH I knew these 3 things! You aren't going to hear these in school so get ready, I'm about to reveal what Massage Therapists and Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs need to know.

Too many business owners can go in circles.

You might have a lot of ideas but don't know what to focus on OR maybe you actually don't have ANY ideas so you're stuck in INaction.

It's not enough to do what other people are doing OR what you think you're supposed to, such as "textbook marketing". I call this "traditional marketing" and that could include:

  • Running ads
  • Using 'coupon' services
  • Printing business cards/flyers
  • Joining a networking group

There’s nothing wrong with using FB ads or Groupon but you will get burnt out or go bankrupt if you're investing your time and money into things without having a very intentional business plan.

It’s not enough to be taking actions. Without a good plan you will go round and round, basically spinning your wheels.

When you implement these 3 things, you'll have clarity of what to focus on, you'll create job security, and you can trust that you're growing every year.

YOU can decide how many clients you want.

You can plan your life around your business.

And you can let go of worry and show up with your best energy, not stressed about what's not working.

When I first started my spa... 

I did what I thought I was supposed to.

I went to school and followed up with even more education in business and marketing practices specifically for a massage business.

This did not get me too far. After spending money on ads and print materials, I realized I was attracting clients who didn't want to come back, or they were looking for more than massage. 

There were a few I wished I could multiply - my dream clients were the ones who bought 10-packs of massages and told all their friends about me.

Realizing what wasn’t working and what actually did work to help me build my business brings me to

Tip #1 - focus on building relationships.

Actually put this into your marketing plan, before groupon or any other paid advertising. 

Build relationships.

So what does that mean? 

First, brainstorm a list of all the people you know. Write down every company, organization and group in your area that you believe MAY receive some benefit to working with you.

The best thing I did was decide to pull back from advertising and focus solely on building relationships. 

You might not understand yet how this can grow your business but it will.

For me, I joined forces with the local movie theater, a few of the insurance companies, a neighboring massage therapist, and with current clients. I grew my business more in the next 3 months than I had in the previous 7 months. But more than the quantity of clients, it was the quality that mattered the most to me.

Tip #2 - treat every person like a VIP.

I'm amazed at how many spas and massage therapists seem disinterested or sometimes even annoyed. No, no, no! This is not just going to lose you clients, it's bad karma! 

Service providers must be phenomenal at customer service. Take a course if you have to. Maybe it was because of all my training in previous jobs but I have seen how imperative it is to treat everyone who calls, comes in, and even people you meet in the grocery store as the most important person in the world. 

Treat every person as if they're they most important person in the world. 

You can be tired, too busy, annoyed or stressed out, but as a service provider, you must be phenomenal at customer service. 

If you're ready to write (or re-write) your marketing plan head over to our 4 Steps To Market Your Business free training.


The 3rd thing to know when you start your business is to get clarity on your profits.

There is a simple formula I love talked about in Profit First, this is a must-read for all business owners.

Don't spend money on things you don't need to. If you're a massage therapist or healer, decide on what you want.

You don't need half of the things you think you do.

You could have a BIG vision and you can get there but I don't encourage getting loans. Do what you can do and spend money on the least amounts of things.

As business owners, we tend to spend more money than we make. And oftentimes I talk to business owners that show a profit on paper but can't understand where that money is!

To Recap - The 3 Tips All Business Owners Need To Know When Starting Out

Focus on building relationships, this is going to help you grow exponentially.

Tip #2 is to treat every person you meet as the most important person in the world. It's good karma. Walk into every situation asking 'how can I be a blessing here?'

And Tip #3 is to get clear on your Profit. Not just your numbers. Read Profit First for more on this subject.

To get more guidance on this, book a Discovery Call with me to see if my coaching program is right for you. Visit beccastarr.com to request a free call.

Next week we will talk about:

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