Are You Allowing Yourself the Gift of Imperfection?

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How often do you plan things that are important to YOU but then LIFE HAPPENS?! Here's my firsthand experience in trying to accomplish one thing today. And yes, it feels GREAT to share an imperfect podcast with the world. Be imperfect today, it's worth it, trust me! To listen to the audio version of this article, click here:

I want to share a personal experience in the hopes you can relate and apply the lessons in your own life.

On Friday this week, I'll share an interview I recently did with an amazing woman. She's an executive coach and a best selling author, Colleen Hauk.

I was finalizing the edits this weekend, and there are so many great strategies I personally gained from listening to it again, and found that while she uses methods in her own way, it's very similar to the BITMOR method principles.

It's created so much success in her life. I love to hear these techniques from a different perspective. I think you'll love to hear them too, so join us on Friday for my interview with Colleen.

This morning, I found it hard to get going. We changed the clocks this weekend and kind of rushed out the door. My sisters were headed here from Arizona, and when I got the kids all buckled into their car seats, I realized I didn't have my phone on me. It's happened before and I didn't think it was a big deal, so rather than run back upstairs to grab it, I decided to head to preschool and thought, "Nothing is ever that important."

Isn't it better to let go of our phones sometimes?

Well, we pulled into the parking lot, and there were a lot of construction trucks from the City of Los Angeles. We realized there was not going to be school today. We talked to the teachers and hung out a little bit, but because of these unannounced repairs, they had to cancel school at the last minute.

"Didn't I get the messages?"

We made the best of it and came up with a great alternative plan. We headed back home and waited for my sisters to get here. You guys, I had so many things I wanted to accomplish before my sisters arrived. Some were just to tidy up, but mainly, I wanted to record my Monday Motivation podcast, and then enjoy the rest of the day. Well, coming home with two small children who are very excited to see their aunties; things were not as I planned.

How often does that happen to you? We plan one thing, and then life happens.

When I spoke with Colleen, we talked about time management and prioritizing. I am so glad I listened to that episode again last night because it really helped me shift my expectations and make the most and the best out of today.

To motivate you this week, I want you to consider what's most important to accomplish today.

Is there just two things, that if you accomplished, they would feel the best?

The higher quality, higher impact, and the most rewarding. Even if it's one phone call you've put off, and it's not that exciting to do, but you know once it's done, you'll feel relief and you can get on with your life.

What I want to encourage you most today, because of my own experience, just do one thing or two things. They don't have to be in the most perfect moments and in the most perfect times. Progress is always better than perfection.

Right now, I sat down to record this short podcast for you, and the sound of gardeners outside was insanely loud. The kids and my family are clearly playing loudly in the other room. I almost said, "Screw it."

Don't we feel that way? And don't we just let these things stop us too often.

What can you do today that's important, and no matter what, you can accomplish it?

What are you not doing because you're waiting for the right time?

I want you to make that phone call.

I want you to put pen to paper.

Give yourself some time to tune into your personal channel. We all have one. Who are you tuning into today? Is it someone else's frequency? Are you doing things for other people so much that you're not giving yourself any time?

You get to hear a lot more about this in my interview with Colleen. I cannot wait to share that with you. In the meantime, I want you to do one or two actions today that you thought were a good idea, but as you've started your day, you've let them go and their importance fell down on the list.

Consider what would make you feel good, and do that today.

Keep it simple.

Remember, it doesn't need to be perfect. Just doing it is going to feel so much better than not doing it.

I want you to live your best life today. I want you to feel your beauty and your power, and your perfection.

As you take the small steps, you're going to see things come back to you in the form of better feelings and new peoples and situations coming into your life because of these small actions. But the results will be so much bigger than you can imagine because that's the way it works.

And, as much as I am going to want to edit this podcast to try to make it more perfect, I am going to press stop. I'm going to upload it to my station and pray that you guys get something meaningful. That something in my experience and my message and my coaching, are giving you today; that you hear it loud and clear above all the other distractions you might be hearing, that I hear in my headphones and that you can use these principles.

What can you do today? Don't let life stop you. Do what you can do today to feel better about yourself, to know that you are so important.

I love you guys, I'd love to hear any thoughts you have, what you got most out of this particular article. So please share your biggest takeaway in the comments below, and I cannot wait to share the interview on Friday! Have a great week, my friends.

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