BEST Black Friday Strategy for Healing Professionals in 2020

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Are you READY to have a successful black Friday promotion? If YES ...Start now build a strong connection with the audience that you have.

To LISTEN to the podcast on this topic:

Social media is your number one path to creating brand awareness and growing your email list and website traffic. It's also the fastest and free-est path! 

So let's keep it simple and start there.

Your email list is going to be the best way to build connection.

People have given you their email and hopefully you are sending them items of value or inspiration or education.

Your website helps to increase sales. If you don't already have people booking online, set that up. Allow people to book online, to keep it easy.

As a massage therapist, I know it's important to talk to someone on the phone before the appointment. There IS a way to make sure you're screening your clients, even if you don't talk to them.

Drop me a message and I will tell you what I did through the years to maintain a super high quality of inflow of clients - even though I didn't speak directly to them.

Before we jumped into the Black Friday Strategy for 2020, I want to make sure that you're connecting with your clients and making it easy for them to book with you.

4-Point Simple Offer Strategy

If you're a concerned that people aren't going to be booking a ton of hands-on services this year, I don't believe you have to be affected by that.

IF you're doing everything that you can to make offers that are available and irresistible.

Put yourself in your client's shoes and think about their needs, what they're struggling with.

To begin, start thinking about:

  1. Where are my clients needs right now?
  2. How much time and energy do I have to focus on my marketing?

The most important thing is to move the needle forward, especially on a day like Black Friday - everybody's ready save money on special purchases that are meant for Christmas gifts.

#1 Simple Offer for Black Friday

A gift certificate for your Signature Service. This does not have to be a below average price. If you don't have a Signature Service yet you should, because it's something that helps you stand out.

I have a free training to help you create your own Signature Service so that you combine your unique skills and what your dream clients want.

The first simple offer is a gift certificate not just for a dollar amount or general services, but your Signature Service. In that free training, I talk about how to write up the description of it and how to promote it. 

#2 Simple Offer for Black Friday

The second offer is something you might not have thought about before. This is also covered in the Signature Service training to help you stand out among a sea of competitors with your unique personality and special skills.

It's especially fitting for our current situation in 2020 while everybody is staying home.

We all WANT to buy special gifts for loved ones, but clothing and trips, even jewelry, is not as 'in demand' because we're not going anywhere - we're in a quarantine! 

It's a tough year for gift buyers.

Buyers want to give special experiences to their loved ones.

Usually, we would buy movie theater tickets or a restaurant, or massages. But we're walking through a pandemic right now and a lot of people are not getting massages.

They're not participating in groups, they're following to the highest extent the protocol of being cautious.

Even if you have clients that don't fall into that category, I want you to think about those people too, and put your skills to higher use.

This may or may not be something that you thought of before, but it's a good one and it will serve you long after Black Friday. 

Offer your customers an online workshop where they're going to learn something very interesting and very useful.

Record this workshop in advance. Get it done now, and long after the holidays you'll continue to receive income from it.

It should be evergreen, which means people could purchase this workshop at any time and get the private link (on YouTube). If you've never done this before, I will give you tons of resources, but I don't believe you even need those resources yet.

Start Brainstorming

"What is it that I can do that's interesting and useful and will truly help my ideal client?"

"What is one thing I can teach people how to do as it relates to my business?"

Without investing too much time or money into a full production, choose one thing to teach that compliments your business. 

Consider a skill you have, that you can teach someone in a video:

  • Baby massage for new parents
  • Reiki
  • How to do self-Reiki
  • Morning yoga
  • Morning yoga in bed
  • Couples massage
  • Make candles or soaps
  • How to use essential oils
  • Make body scrubs
  • Teach meditation

In case you're thinking, "Yes, I know how to do these" but then your next thought is, "but doesn't everybody?!"

My very short answer is No!

And if someone knows you already, they will trust that buying this as a gift for someone they love, or for themselves is a good idea.

They may LOVE the idea of learning how to make candles or how to do (basic) Reiki and then give their new-learned skills as the gift to family or friends - you've solved their gift concerns!

First, think of your clients, who you serve. What might be interesting and useful for them? Then put together an outline of this video and get going on it!

Just record something. If you want to go back in the future and make it perfect, I get it. I love perfect things. I love attaining "the full vision". But right now you're making a better business. You are creating income and building relationships, and THAT'S what you want to focus on.

It's better to be done than to be perfect.

If you find yourself pending too much time or money or energy, you're getting off track.

Keep it simple. I truly want you to run with this one, grab your phone, just make sure you have good lighting.

Let your personality shine in this training.

Outline the steps you're going to teach, get over perfectionism and get it done.

The Price Point of Simple Offer #2

This offer should be an "easy yes" which is $97 or less. A price they won't have to think twice about.

If it's normally going to be $37 or $67 in the future, make it $27 for Black Friday.

It shouldn't be a high price, which is why it shouldn't be a high investment of your time or your money.

Tip: Talk to the camera as the professional that you are. You are a professional, you are there to be of service. Remember that people love you already!

If you can remember THAT then you won't get too nervous. If you don't have any experience with this, Healing profits Academy offers a fantastic video marketing course.

Find out more about HPA by clicking the image below:

HPA covers what you need to do professional videos, what you don't need, what to say, and everything you want to know about making videos.

FOR NOW, I would love to see you jump into making one workshop. Something you can put a price tag on and share with your clients - create income now, refine your skills later.

You're already very good at what you do. Share that, and be creative with how you are making these simple offers for Black Friday.

#3 Simple Offer for Black Friday

The third offer is a product gift package your customers can buy.

If you already have inventory, this will be easy, but put multiple items together (3 is recommended) with a theme, something that's attractive and irresistible.

Your goal is to trigger your ideal client to say "I need this" or "My mom would love this!"

If you don't currently sell products, then get creative.

  1. Offer a spa at home set with a bathrobe, a candle, and some bath salts.
  2. Or a yoga mat, essential oil diffuser and a bottle of your favorite essential oil.

Do some reach research first for your best costs. Go to Amazon or a store in your local area where you know they have tons of yoga mats. They may not be Gaiam, but it's a quality yoga mat and they have 30 of them, perfect.

*Don't buy them YET, just want make sure you have a couple places where you've done some research. Once people purchase, then you'll purchase your product so you don't end up with a bunch of extra product.

*** Since you're going to be shopping this way, make sure to add a disclaimer that "products may vary from items in the image". ***

1. Buy three items, put them together in a beautiful, well-lit white space. Take a picture of that and put it onto your website.

2. Double or triple the cost of these goods. Use your discretion based on who your ideal clients are. Add shipping or include shipping.

You might be wondering if, or why people would buy this set for double what they could pay if they found these items individually. That's worth a whole other conversation but simply put, it happens all the time.

Put something together, have a theme, consider a comfortable price point for your clients and sell it as a set.

You're helping people who don't have the time or the creativity to come up with a gift set for their mom or their wife, or a wonderful friend of theirs.

You're saving them so much stress.

#4 Simple Offer for Black Friday 2020

Package together the product gift set WITH your Signature Service.

There's a little more flexibility in the pricing, use your judgment, consider the product costs, going to the post office, the energy and the time it costs you along with your Signature Service.

These are two different things that have their own prices, make it less because ultimately you are taking in more money, which may be beneficial to you at the end of November. 

Note: The podcast episode above includes the Framework for Engaging Captions on Social Media.

So are you willing to USE THIS MARKETING STRATEGY?

I would LOVE to know in the comments, type YES! or be specific. Are you using one or all of these?

I wish you the best of luck in your business, please subscribe to get notified when I share new articles.

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