My All-Time Favorite (yet MIND-BLOWING) Spiritual Book

success skills Jan 14, 2022

In my 20+ year journey of self-discovery, I couldn't have done it without teachers. For a longtime (before internet) books were the ONLY thing I had. 

They were life-changing.

Have you ever read a book and remained the same person you were before you read it?!

I'd say it's impossible to NOT be changed by a great book. 

There are so many that have had this affect on me, the first being Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch.

To say it blew my mind is an understatement.

My Dad had just died, we were in Ocean CIty, NJ and I read it every day in my beach chair with my toes in the sand.

Looking out over the ocean and watching the sunsets created more of an existential experience.

To be honest though, during the years that followed I felt broken. It was almost TOO mind-blowing.

I thought I was open-minded and deeply spiritual, never locked down by religious beliefs. But I was young, 21 years old and that was not enough experience for my brain to have been opened wide enough yet for what I was to find in this book.

And the thing about life and knowledge... You can't UNLEARN something.

It's true when they say "Ignorance is bliss"...

Not knowing what you don't know is more comfortable.

If everything written in this book could POSSIBLY be true, what did that mean?

I didn't feel as safe as I had with my smaller beliefs.

So WTH should you read this?!

Because we all need to break our brains sometimes.

Maybe you're at an older age and can better process it.

Maybe you'll find all of your answers in it.

Maybe you'll feel more comforted than you ever felt possible.

Maybe, you will question everything you know.

And that, my friend is a good thing to do.

Break the confines of your mind.

Open up to what's POSSIBLE.

Trust that you'll be okay, better than okay.

In the end, you'll always be better for it. If you're not better yet, it's not the end. 

If you don't already own it, BUY IT. 

Put your toes in the sand, if you can and read it. Imagine the possibility of truth in what you're reading.

What can that mean for you? 

(thanks for using my link to purchase, I'll receive a TINY commission but you won't be charged anymore to make that happen!)

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