Micro-Actions to Market Your Business - Part 1

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Do you feel like you're doing everything possible to market your business? And does it feel frustrating as all heck that you're not getting results that you hope for?

Unfortunately, most business owners 'feel' like they're doing a lot but in reality it's actually not very much of the right kind of marketing.

First, I'll let you know what marketing actually means and how I teach you to market your business to become extraordinarily successful. 

My Definition of Marketing 

To market effectively simply means to talk to another person about what you do.

I'll give you a variety of examples below but I think it's important to clarify why there's confusion about this and why most entrepreneurs are risking burnout and bankruptcy by NOT doing it.

It's easy to think that marketing includes tasks like working on your website or your brand, your logo, or any behind the scenes stuff. Maybe you believe it's running a Groupon ad or increasing your SEO, if you do that kind of thing.

Some of those examples might be helpful or important, but in reality and for clarity sake, they are not marketing activities that actually move your business forward.

Groupon may seem like a good idea but do those efforts get you desired results, do they bring you quality clients who want to stay with you long-term and tell all their friends about you.and increases sales is talking to another person.

Which means marketing can also be defined as stepping out of your comfort zone., and that there's a fear holding you back.For most entrepreneurs, true and authentic marketing can actually be one of the most terrifying tasks.

And I'm going to give you some very cool ways in order to do that. But before I give you those strategies I just want you to understand. It is not the behind the scenes work. It is not things where you're not talking to other people directly about what you do and how you can help others with your product or service. Does that make sense?

We could talk about social media and posting things about your business or what you do and building relationships through any one of your social media platforms. We could talk about building the relationships through your email list.

I don't want to get sidetracked from the very, very basic principles and what has truly helped me see growth and increase my business - every single time.

The three best micro-actions to take are:

  1. Picking up the phone to call someone
  2. Emailing someone
  3. Having a face-to-face meeting

Now, as I began taking some notes and bullet points of what I wanted to talk to you about today, it was definitely about those three, but I was having a really hard time narrowing down exactly what I wanted to say in just one episode.

So what I have decided is to create a series, Micro-Actions for Marketing Your Business and this will be the first in the series.

So, executive decision made just today and I hope that this is something that is really going to help you increase business and move forward way quicker than you even imagine is possible. And so if you're ready for that, let's get into some of these.


Micro-Actions Are Simple, But Not Easy

These particular micro-actions might seem like a big deal.

Like, you're picking up the phone to call somebody you don't know or email or sell yourself or do these things that are not looking to be like micro-actions, but they are. And the reason that they are is because they are very simple.

It's like the weight that you put on a particular person on the other end of the phone, that's what makes it feel big, but in essence it truly is picking up the phone, dialing a phone number, asking for somebody, and having something to say.

So it's actually quite simple. It's not complicated and there is nothing about micro-actions that you will ever hear from me that says that they are easy. If they were easy then everybody would probably be doing them and be very successful.

But that's not the case. Micro-actions are small and they are consistent. They are not easy.

Let's take a moment to review the Bitmor Method before we get into exactly how to take one of these three steps.


Small Inspired Actions As A Foundation

The Bitmor Method uses micro-actions, which are small and consistent and inspired actions. It connects you with a proper feeling state which means aligning yourself with how it feels once you have achieved your desired success. Which I take you through an exercise usually.

But there's a whole principle of proper feeling state. And it taps into your invisible team, which is an amazing resource we all have our unique personal access to.

So those are the three main ideas behind the Bitmor Method. And you might hear me refer to some of them as we get into these micro-actions for marketing.

I love that micro-actions are simple. And the great thing about them is you could literally do one micro-action a day and become successful. It might take you a little longer but at the most we do three micro-actions a day.

So I am going to put marketing actions as one micro-action and here's how we break it down where it could be as simple as picking up the phone and calling one person. And if that's where you're starting from, amazing.

Pick up the phone and call that one person and then tomorrow pick up the phone and call another person. If you were to call one person a day, if you did that every day consistently you would begin to see results.


Create and Honor Your Action Plan

You're putting the energy out there. It's a law, just like gravity, that you will create a return. There will be a cause and effect. And if you are taking that action, you're going to get a reaction back to you.

I find that the best way to define your marketing micro-actions is to use time frames, meaning you look at your schedule, you choose a block of time to devote to marketing. This can be 15 minutes. It could be 3 hours. It's not necessary to do more than 3 hours, but I suggest that you do at least 15 minutes.

So start wherever you're at. If you're totally freaked out by the idea of making yourself visible, putting yourself out there, picking up the phone, then start with the one phone call or the one email a day. There's no marketing police that are gonna come knocking on your door.

It's just you and your commitment. So once you have made that commitment, wherever you are starting from, honor it. Honor it and be someone with integrity to yourself. It really is going to help you as a business owner and with your self esteem, so personally and professionally it begins to have these great rewards.


Consult Research and Higher Guidance

Once you've chosen the time and you've blocked it out in your calendar, it's important to do your research and know who you're calling or emailing before you've actually reached that point in your schedule.

Research is one of the behind the scenes tasks that it's necessary, but it's not done during the time that we've devoted to actual marketing.

Using the Bitmor Method, getting some help with knowing who the heck to call, we're going to start with a little exercise. And you don't have to do this right now unless you want to. I'm gonna walk you through it.

It's something that you can use every day and take 3 to 5 minutes to do it, or you can do it once a week and maybe take a little bit longer. But use this as part of your process.

What you're going to do is get a notebook and a pen and sit down, be comfortable, and close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Ask your invisible team to help you know who to call, what to do and what to say, where to go. You say this as a prayer or just as if you're talking to somebody that's in the room with you. It could literally be a tree outside.

What happens is that you'll begin to get inspirations and for this part of the exercise don't judge any of it. Write it all down. Every idea or hint or inspiration that you get. Write it all down, put it on paper. And I prefer paper and pen rather than the computer.

What we're doing here is getting out of your own way. Things can be channeled that are more purposeful and effective. And they truly are there to help you specifically.

This is your frequency, this is your radio station. You're tapping into these ideas which will prove to be so much bigger than going solo and taking efforts just kind of on your low-level brain cycles.

So you really want to step bigger and beyond where you might be on your own. We take inspired micro-actions because they help us get to a better place, way easier and much faster than any uninspired action or any busy work.


Let Your Inspirations Guide You

Maybe you thought about someone you haven't talked to in 10 years. That's fine. Write it down.

It's not your job to figure out these things and what they mean or if or what you should be doing them. It's your job to listen to your intuition, write it down, and trust it.

As a business owner trying to create success, this one concept of taking inspired micro-actions will serve you better than anything else. Trust your inspirations and have the courage to do them.

Once you have a list of inspired thoughts, do your research. The best way to use one of these co-created lists - you have asked, you have received some inspirations, you've written them down - these are your co-created ideas.

Maybe pick the easiest thing to do first, but even starting at the top of the list you'll find it gets easier as you continue to do this, so you can just go down the list check, check, check. You do one, you do one, you do one.

You begin to build this practice and it's a very powerful way to start to see really more tuned in, bigger results than you may have imagined.

So you have your list and if you thought of someone that you might want to get in touch with, whether it's event planners, or to collaborate with other like-minded business owners in your industry. Or maybe reach out to wholesale companies or a coffee shop or coffee shops in general.

Whatever it is, let those initial inspirations lead you. Let them guide you to know exactly who you will now be calling and emailing.

So if you were inspired to call a specific group of people, maybe like the event planners, once you've gotten this, begin to research event planners in your area or in that particular niche that you maybe think would be helpful. You're letting your inspirations lead you.


Prepare Your Script

And then what I suggest is writing down a template for this particular group. And you may change it and tweak it with each call or email, but you're gonna want to write a script for calling or bullet points for what you might say in an email.

Keep it succinct and simple. I have two templates that I have personally been using lately and I am going to include those as a free download in our show notes. I will put the link to those right below on our web page for the podcast. So please check it out there.

You can download what I've been using personally and I can't wait for future episodes in this series because there is so much more. I want to share some of the results that I've personally gotten and other things where you can kind of branch off of this. I'm trying to keep it very basic for you today though.

So this is big stuff. And if you can wrap your head around it and just trust it and know even though it might be simple or scary or however you might feel about any of these things - if you spend committed time doing this particular type of work, you will see results.


Make Connections And Be Of Service

So the next step is to make the calls and send the emails during your marketing time. If you were inspired to meet with someone in person, can you drop into their business or would it be more appropriate to schedule a meeting first? Many people can be accessed by walking in the front door.

I just want you to check yourself with this because it might be your fear of being salesy or whatever you might be afraid of, when in reality you're there to help somebody. To be of service.

So remember that. They might be wishing they had something that you provide the moment before you walk in the door. Imagine that. What if that was the scene?

Come from that place and just don't let your fear stop you from walking through someone's door. You don't need a meeting with everybody and you'll know. And once you begin to trust and you have some more experience with this, you're really gonna get good at it. And so, these are ways to start.

You'll see that in the templates I give you it's often asking to meet with somebody. So over time, and consistently doing these types of actions, you begin to schedule your meetings which you can do within your marketing hours.

That may be a day that you plan to spend 3 hours because you're going to have coffee or some type of a in-person face to face meeting. Start wherever you are.


Be Openminded - Think Big

But I encourage, even from this beginning, to think big - outside of the box of what you think you know, rather than getting individual clients which you might be focused on right now and that's what you think you know.

Ask your invisible team how to build accounts with companies that will put you in touch with people within their reach, rather than serving one person and fearing maybe that you won't be able to take on too much. Ask, “How is this possible?”

Anytime you hear that voice "I can't" or you feel like you have reasons preventing you from growing in some way, ask your invisible team how you can and how it's possible.

If you truly want freedom through entrepreneurship, these are the questions to be asking. It's all possible and that's what I want you to start asking every single day.

And while you're at it, remember how amazing and perfect and beautiful you already are, my friend. You do not need to do much. You just need to keep showing up for yourself. You got this.

Let me know if you have any questions and I can't wait to see you in episode number 2 of this marketing for your business, the Micro-Actions Behind Marketing For Your Business.

Thanks so much for joining me today.

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