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how to start putting yourself first personal fulfillment Jun 12, 2019

I want to tell you a little secret about my marriage.

From the outside, it looks like we have it all. We’re entrepreneurs, we're both coaches for entrepreneurs. We have beautiful children and we have a lot of cool experiences. My husband is a rockstar, we live in a penthouse in West Hollywood CA!

All of this IS awesome and we are so grateful.

Each of us individually are content and self assured. We get along well. We ARE soulmates.

And yet, with all of this, our marriage nearly ended last year.

It was a culmination of things more than one situation.

We had been struggling with communication and a lot of differing opinions. 

We had tried everything and we had tried for a long time. It wasn’t that we didn’t love each other, we did. It wasn’t that we weren’t committed to our relationship, we were.

We just didn’t have the RIGHT tools.

We’d been together for 16 years and there were resentments and disappointments. Looking back, it was awful, I don’t know how we lived like that for so long.

We were subtle about it but we’re blaming each other a lot.

The bottom line is that we were not on the same team and we were not putting our love first. This was pretty easy to do with our busy lives and two young kids. And it wasn’t always like this, we had date nights and we had great chemistry. We had love. But it always came back to the blame.

And finally, we reached a breaking point.

We couldn’t do it anymore. Once we accepted that, we both felt relief!

We had been going to couples therapy. We were doing everything we could and it just made it even more clear that we didn’t have the right tools to save our marriage. And we didn’t believe they existed. 

You can probably imagine, even with all the acceptance, thinking of our children’s lives and how this would affect them was too much to even think about. 

Here’s the thing...

We both wanted love. We both wanted it to work out. We actually loved each other through all of the years of unhappiness. We just didn’t have the tools. And we were sick of trying.

In the weeks that followed our decision, events happened that can only be defined as miracles.

There were unexplained things that happened so far beyond our thinking. We were blessed with concepts that taught us a new way to love.

It was the tools that we needed to save our marriage.

These pillars of communication had a dramatic effect on our relationship right away, but the real magic has come from maintaining these rituals and habits.

It’s a daily check in and simple format you follow and a short meditation based on each of the principles that have worked for us.
They're simple enough, even for the busiest of couples. They just require the willingness to keep doing them, and to stay committed to your partner.

What we have been doing is a game changer for couples.

The rewards are extraordinary and since then we’ve shared these tools in couples workshops here in LA and the feedback has been remarkable. 
Matt and I are excited to share the 12 Essential Pillars in our MODERN MARRIAGE MAKEOVER
We'll be offering this Couple’s Workshop in a few locations this summer. 
We’ve also decided to make this available as an online program for couples to do together.  
Go to our website to find out more.

No marriage is beyond repair. Your relationship will be restored, renewed and regenerated.

Your love is important and it affects more than the two of you, let’s make it as exceptional as it can be. 

We’re so grateful to share this with you and I really look forward to meeting you in the workshop.

Miracles happen every day and if you’re ready to facilitate that in your marriage.


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