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In this article, I'll answer all of your questions about the benefits and considerations of adding mobile services to your massage or holistic business.

Based on my own experience, I believe it WILL help you grow your business whether you’re just starting out or you've been in business for years.

How I Got Started With Mobile Spa Services

If you're a massage therapist, holistic practitioner or spa owner, you may have considered mobile services. It took me a while to realize the opportunity, but that's because it didn't exist back in 1999!

Let me tell you WHY I believe this is one of the smartest business concepts to invest in.

Admittedly, I'm a little biased since I opened one of Los Angeles’ first mobile spas. 

Not without challenges and mistakes, it was a huge success!

Whether it’s the right move for you or not, depends on what your priorities are and what you’re looking for as a business owner.

Prior to owning a Mobile Spa, I was a day spa owner. I was there all day, most days, and I truly loved every minute of it.

I know now that I didn’t HAVE to devote my life to it, but as I said, I loved it. I was 26 years old and the entire experience was extraordinary.

As a massage therapist and day spa owner, I had begun providing services to corporate accounts and events but hadn’t quite figured out this concept of the “Mobile Spa”.

Fast forward to being an early pioneer in the mobile spa industry, one of the challenges I faced was in educating people about WHAT a mobile spa was and why they needed it.

It wasn’t a common service at that time but lucky for you, that work has been done. 

It’s safe to say now that we all know what a mobile spa is, and people look for these services, expecting the convenience and ease it provides in their busy schedules.

Destiny Was Waiting for Me 

How my transition eventually happened, to go from day spa owner in Connecticut to mobile spa owner in Los Angeles was a sweet story of romance, literally.

I almost didn’t drive to Cape Cod that weekend in the winter of 2002, I NEVER left my spa, especially on the weekend! I was so committed to my business, I almost turned off the car and went back inside, deciding not to go.

It was Cape Cod though, and my friend’s birthday party was happening with or without me. I needed this. I had been working almost nonstop for 3 years, it was time to take a break, enjoy life a little! 

God took care of the rest and I met my husband that weekend. 

Once we were together, my priorities changed. 

I loved my spa in Connecticut more than anything, but finding love made me want more freedom and flexibility with my schedule.

I needed that and I was ready to be with my soulmate.

And HE was ready to be in California.

Wanting freedom and more flexibility with my schedule were some of the reasons I was initially attracted to massage therapy as a career. I also wanted to maximize my time spent working. These are a few of the things you get as a mobile service provider.

There's a lot of freedom and a lot of income. 

Here’s a list of some of the benefits in choosing to offer mobile spa and massage services: 

  • Low start up cost
  • Low risk
  • Flexible scheduling options 
  • Freedom to travel
  • Choose where and when you work
  • Unlimited income opportunity
  • Charge higher rates
  • Make more money for your time
  • Tax advantages
  • Career Variety
  • Independence

If you’re someone who desires a lucrative, low cost, start up opportunity that has tons of potential and no ceiling to your income, this is how to start a mobile business so you can begin achieving those goals right away. 

Good Business Plan = Little Overhead + Clarity of Vision

The start up costs are low but you must know what they are. Have a good business plan and decide what needs to be purchased now and what can be purchased further down the road. 

The Business Plan isn’t just a technical step or one you’ll use to raise capital. You can do that but the real reason you need a well thought out business plan is so that you have clarity.

You need to think of every aspect so that you’ll be ready to handle whatever comes your way.

I promise you that if you take care of your footwork (aka the Business Plan) then God (or your universal belief) will take care of rest. 

Do the research. Know WHY you’re doing this. Decide what you’re here to do, what you want to do, and what excites you the most. 

Once you’ve done all that, the details will work themselves out along the way.

You’ll make mistakes, that’s guaranteed.

You’ll face challenges, every great leader does.

And you won’t do this (or anything else) perfect.

The good news is that your instincts will guide you.

Your reasons WHY you chose this path will pull you towards what to do next.

Doors will open and relationships will start that you might never have imagined possible.

Get right with yourself and with your dream lifestyle, what you want personally, and just check in with your heart each day. 

Pro Tip: 15 minutes of daily meditation is all you need to make empowered decisions that are full of grace.

My advice for this business plan is to start off simple and affordable then grow into a client conscious business. Once you’re in action, deliver more of what they want.

To begin, think of what service or menu of services you’d like to provide. It's up to you if you offer one service or a full spa menu.

  • Massage
  • Manicure/Pedicures
  • Facials
  • Beauty Business
  • Hair Styling
  • Make Up Artistry
  • Med-Spa

Whatever services you can think of, there's a way to offer them mobily. Is 'mobily' a word?!  

Nope. I just looked it up. It's my take on 'mobile' which means ‘capable of being moved readily’. You get it.

*This article is for massage therapists although I mention other services that can be offered 'on location'. If you're not certified in other skills, message me to discuss hiring a team. It's not as hard as you might think! 

So let’s discuss some of the ways to offer your mobile services.

It’s good to get specific.

As with any successful marketing strategy, start off with a niche and grow from there.

For more help on marketing strategies that work, consider Healing Profits Academy, an online course curriculum created for massage and healing practitioners.

Are you going to focus on chair massage, table, or both? 

Are you already trained and certified in something specific? 

Do you have a team of professionals or are you willing to hire?

Who is your client? 

  • Small events
  • Corporate clients
  • Senior citizens or people who are homebound
  • Girls/Teens Spa Parties
  • Bridal Parties, Bachelorette
  • Hotels
  • Neighborhoods 

The list of clients and referral partners is endless. 

Do you want to offer a Menu for mobile services in general, or would you like to provide spa parties?

What do you think you'd LIKE to do?

It's up to you and it's best to start with what you're most comfortable with and grow into a bigger goals. 

Do you want to cater to individual clients or larger accounts?

Hotels, companies, even spas needing backup staff could be your client.

Who is your target market? 

I preferred luxury hotels and the entertainment industry. Eventually, I expanded to corporations and specific zip codes.

See My Client List HERE

It's also okay to provide lower rates to serve more people. Maybe a luxury business wouldn't work in your area. No matter what, offer a great service and be a professional, always.

Whatever your purpose in life, you can serve from that place.

Mobile spa services can help you keep your revenue up during slow seasons.

Mobile services are very good for slow times. Just because your season is slow doesn't mean that people aren't craving massages in their living room or hotel suite. 

If it’s a generally slow time, remind local hotels, corporations and event planners that you are there to make their life easier.

This type of work can be lucrative and rewarding. You're not confined by specific treatment rooms.

Create Someone’s Bliss

You will be IN someone's world. You're creating bliss in a tired momma's overbooked schedule, taking her 'one last thing to do' and turning it into a stay-cation experience.

You’re making memories for sisters and friends at bridal parties and baby showers.

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. - Maya Angelou

Play Scientist

It’s fun. You may not have a large space to set up shop everywhere you go but what I found to be the magic recipe was a scientific approach to the mobility of this work. 

Put your energy into the service, not into the transportation. Carrying a massage table, or even a chair, not on wheels is Mistake #1.

Supplies should be prepped and planned for necessity, while maintaining a great vision of how to create the service.

Some homes may be set up by the client but this is rare.

It's always good to know you'll have to quickly look at the space provided, make decisions and move a few things around when you arrive.

Bring 'the spa' ...Don't just throw items around someone's living room. It doesn't take a lot of space to pack, nor is it a large investment to bring candles, music, and aromatherapy.

Make it the best experience your client can have.

And please, don't use mismatched sheets 😫

Consider what you love about spas.

For me, the good ones are clean and aesthetically pleasing. I love the details, and I loved being able to do this (almost scientifically) in my mobile spa company. 

I used a roller suitcase and a wheel set I purchased from Staples. Funny side thought, Amazon wasn't even an option when I began! Can you imagine, a world without Same Day Shipping?! How did we survive!?!


Final Thoughts

These are my top tips and things to consider before jumping into Mobile Spa Services.

If you've been thinking about this line of work, you're probably attracted to the freedom and flexibility this profession will provide you.

If you do it the right way, it absolutely will.

20 hours a week is full-time for a hands on technician, and the good news is you can do less and make more when you provide mobile services. This alone provides a greater lifestyle of freedom and flexibility. 

With that said, I personally believe it's better for you to have a team.

Someone answering phone calls so none are missed. Scheduling appointments with you and/or your team of professionals. And a bookkeeper to help you keep the numbers straight.

If you have a good system, you'll find it running seamlessly.

To get the step-by-step system to shortcut your time and run your own highly successful Mobile Spa, check out Healing Profits Academy.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know if you have any questions or would like to BOOK COACHING with me. Good luck!

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