Is It Time to Redirect Your Professional Life?

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I hope you had a grate(ful) Thanksgiving week and are ready to enjoy your end of year holiday season. Am I the only one wondering WTH happened to this entire year?! Holy cow, seriously.

Today, I have an announcement, a gift, and a favor to ask, but first...

Can you send me a quick reply to let me know what you’re greatest accomplishment has been this year? Don’t think too much about it, it doesn’t have to be glamorous or snazzy, just something where you can say “I’m proud of this” ...and let it be honored.

First, the announcement with a little backstory:

My experience as a business owner comes from many years in the spa industry, I opened my first spa in Connecticut when I was 26 and then opened one of LA’s first mobile spas in 2005.

After a long time in that world, I was ready to move on but I had no idea what to do. And so, I ignored my inner voice for 3 YEARS. Eventually though, the universe ‘helped’ me figure things out and changed my course for me.

One day as I was giving a massage and I heard a ‘snap’ in my forearm. It was excruciating and as a result of that injury, I was told I could never do massage again.

Without this intervention, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have heard my calling to become a mother. Even though it was a painful path, I’m grateful it happened!

Last year, I was ready to get back to work and I began coaching women entrepreneurs. It’s been absolutely amazing and very similar to the feelings of fulfillment I had when I was living my passion in the spa world.

What I recently discovered through a coaching session I received is that I need to return to my roots.

My heart and journey as a spa owner and healer are where I want to direct my efforts in coaching. I feel pulled to help this specific business owner.

My ideal client owns a spa and needs someone to educate and inspire her. She’s probably overworked and not getting tremendous results from her efforts.

Back when I opened my mobile spa, it appeared I had found ‘overnight’ success, I was massaging celebrities and discerning clients within weeks. The truth is that every overnight success takes 20 years OR a proven system.

I believe my ‘secret’ to success was that I treated every client like a celebrity long before I actually was.

A truly successful business is built on relationships.

Traditional spa marketing won’t cut it in our modern day, people are craving connection. It’s one of the reasons spas are here to stay AND why we need to uplevel the kind of marketing and management that just doesn’t work anymore.

There’s a need for this and I’m so excited to help spa owners move beyond old school, outdated methods so they can STAND OUT as a leader in a very saturated market.

If you’re a spa owner or entrepreneur in the beauty + wellness industry, could you take a few minutes to let me know what you’re struggling with: “Grow Your Spa Business + Stand Out in a Saturated Market” << This is a survey that won’t take long and will help you gain insights as well.

If you’re not in this industry, please think of someone you know in the spa world, an entrepreneur trying to grow their business, and forward them the survey:

“Grow Your Spa Business + Stand Out in a Saturated Market”

With all this rock and rolling in my business, I want you to know that I'll now send messages about building a spa, beauty + wellness business, specifically.

You may still find value in strategies and tips I share, but if not, I can refer you to other business and personal coaches who might be more in tune with your needs.

If it’s time to redirect YOUR path but you’re not sure how to do that, start here: 5 Questions to Figure Out Your Next Big Thing, it’s a free downloadable PDF.

My hope for you is that you’re looking towards the year-end with feelings of contentment and anticipation. If not, open that gift and start there.

I appreciate you.

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