What Marketing for Healers REALLY Looks Like

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If you could wave a magic wand, what would your business look like?  

If you want to make difference in the world, attract clients with ease, pay your bills and have plenty of money leftover - this week’s show is a must watch. You’ll learn how to market the business of YOUR dreams, and what that really looks like for a healing entrepreneur like you.

The biggest challenge we face...

...is overwhelm. There are too many choices of what to do within your business and in how to market your business successfully.

Should you get this certification or add on what she said worked for her, or what that guy on FB told you needed to do?

Should you try Groupon or FB ads? Instagram or LinkedIn?

There are countless choices and every year we have even more to choose from!

The real problem is that all of this leads to insecurity, not knowing if you’re doing it right, and inaction, the fear of doing anything because you’ll get it wrong. I feel you! 

This is going to get super clear for you in this article.

When you get clarity on what YOUR marketing plan needs to look like, you'll:

  • Finally be rid of all the uncertainty
  • Start to see consistent results
  • Get new clients every week
  • Secure your future as skilled professional in your area
  • Be able to raise your rates or hire a team when the time is right
  • Referrals will come easier

Better still, those referrals will be your dream clients. The goal isn't to just get referrals, the goal is to get high quality referrals, meaning clients who love what you do and are happy to pay your full rate.

But let’s start with your foundation and make sure it’s really strong. Take a deep breath, exhale fully and and let’s connect to this moment.

You may have heard about my early days of marketing...

I went to school, I read a book and I implemented all the things I learned about marketing. I did what I thought I was SUPPOSED to do but it didn’t work.

When I realized it wasn’t working, I stepped back and looked at what actually got me the clients I valued the most.

How could I get more of them? 

The key tipping point is when you focus your marketing efforts on building relationships.

One way I do this is through the power of Video.

You don’t have to be an extrovert or performer, you don’t even have to feel comfortable YET. That will come, I promise. You just need to press record and be you.  

Okay, okay...it’s a little more than that.

For me, it’s about overcoming my fear and insecurities and just doing it. I come up with an outline of 3 tips I want to share. And I usually prepare with a dance party before I sit down.

If you want more of a training to start using video, check out our course Video Marketing for Healers, I share all my secrets.

There are a few other marketing approaches I use but the best way to attract clients and grow as an entrepreneur is to consistently share videos.

Video works better than any other option you have to show up online and gain visibility.

The reason WHY I think this needs to be your #1 marketing strategy is because of what marketing really means to me. 

I realized through trial and error, and time and money spent on less effective strategies.

Marketing to me can most clearly be defined as telling someone about what you do and how you can help them.

 When you can remember that about marketing, you’ll stop focusing so much on things that take up time and don’t actually get you clients.

We can think working on our website is marketing, but that's more graphic design and behind-the scenes work that needs to be done.

Your website is a tool of marketing, it’s not an action.

When you share a video or send an email or send an email your clients - you are able to tell many people at once what you do.

The next tip is to start conversations with your email list.

Hopefully you are already building an email list, but I know there are some people who follow me who aren't, please start collecting emails!

Choose an email provider like MailChimp or Convertkit.

I recommend ConvertKit even if you’re just starting. Years ago we all started with MailChimp, myself included, but now it’s just better to start with a platform that will grow with you and help you build your business.

So what does it really look like to have conversations with your email list? 

I like to tell a personal story and share a tip or a resource.

You could make a video sharing 3 tips on something to help your clients, then email your list with a link to watch the video. 

PRO TIP: Use google drive to start a doc that keeps all your ideas for what to share with your list. If you get an email that grabs your attention and makes you want to read it, copy that and put it in the document to use as inspiration.

The best emails are the ones that people read, so test out subject lines. 

Consistency is the real secret sauce, be sure to have at least one email ready to send each week. 

Keep in mind... The weekly email is a conversation.

Don’t use these emails for promotions.

Every week, make an effort at connecting with your clients.

If you have something to give them like a recipe for a stress relief bath, include that.

Remember that sharing is better than selling in these emails.

Where you might run into a challenge is not knowing what to say, this is why that Google Doc is going to be a game changer. 

For a free PDF you can share with your clients, go to beccastarr.com/templates and I’ll send you an At Home Spa Guide.

We have a whole library of email and social media templates and these are a great way to add value and build a strong sense of credibility, people will look forward to opening your emails.

Lastly, what marketing really looks like to me is taking a step back and mapping out your customer’s journey.

Think about what THEY are thinking when they come across your facebook post. Or what they might be going through when they see your email pop up in their Inbox.  

Listen more to your clients.

AND document exactly what they say.

Oftentimes we want to share something WE find valuable, we think from our brains and all of our experience. This isn't going to connect with your clients.

For more ideas on this, watch the video I made for you:

Summary of What Marketing Your Massage & Spa Business REALLY Looks Like

Tip #1 is to do video. Practice, practice, practice and be willing to show up messy and awkward. Be YOU.

Stay consistent, and start conversations. Use email to grow your business.

And last but not least, is to listen to what your clients are saying, what they need, and use that to speak them outside of sessions.

Use their language in your marketing.

To get more guidance on this, book a Discovery Call with me to see if my coaching program is right for you. Visit beccastarr.com to request a free call.

Next Week

We’re going to take this conversation even further and talk about How To Attract Your Ideal Client. I’m really looking forward to getting into this juicy topic! You're invited to join us LIVE on Tuesday, 1pm PST (4pm EST).



Thanks for sharing, have a beautiful day!


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