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Even if you haven't been doing a lot with social media or staying in touch with your email list, it's never too late. 

If you want to have a successful Small Business Saturday or Valentine's Day promotion, start NOW to build a strong connection with the audience you have. 

Social media is your number one path to create brand awareness, grow your email list, and get website traffic. 

If your goal is to attract clients, it's a great idea to start by getting them to your website or onto your email list. The fastest and free-est way to do that is social media. 

Your email list is the best way to build a strong connection. 

Your email list is the people who gave you their email address and hopefully you’re sending them items of value or inspiration or education

For PDF’s ready to send to your clients, check out our Free Gift for Your Clients and Template Library. 

When you stay connected with potential clients, you're building connection. That's why you have that email list.  

Having authentic conversations starts by asking engaging questions. 

One of the core concepts I teach is Authentic Marketing.

Without this education, most massage therapists revert to ‘traditional sales’ which doesn’t work.

If you’ve heard my story you know that EVERYTHING changed when I made this shift.

Here's how Authentic Marketing can help you in the conversations you’re having on Social Media...

Private message new followers with a short note:

“Hi, thanks so much for the follow. Do you have any questions about [acne/sciatica/neck pain/baby massage]? Let me know if you'd like my top tips for at-home care. I respond to all my messages and you can also text me at ….”

IF you're comfortable giving your number, do it! If your business number is online anyway, throw it into a direct message and ask if they have any questions relating to your specific niche. You don't need to do this but it takes it a step further to make a great first impression and build connection.

Ask yourself...

Is there something you're really good at?

Do you have a specialty? 

If your online followers knew that about you, and they had a question about that, you might be able to start a conversation based on that.

For example, let's say that you teach infant massage. Private message each new follower with the copy above replacing the brackets with baby massage. 

The BEST Formula for Writing Emails or Social Media Posts 

You already know that you need to write a caption with pictures, you're halfway there. Let's just agree that building a business probably doesn't have to do with sharing a picture of lasagna or cute kittens. 

I'd love to see you use social media a lot more strategically and start moving the needle forward in your business.

My sage advice is to create income today, refine your skills tomorrow. 

Could you imagine if you NEVER gave a massage because you weren't good at it yet?! It doesn't make sense, does it? How can you get better without practicing?

Same with your marketing. Everything in business is better DONE than holding off until it's perfect. (My only regret is ALL the money I spent on ads BEFORE I realized what Authentic Marketing could do for FREE!)

I say this to my fellow perfectionists who may end up getting stuck on how all of this will actually look when it comes time to press Post.

When you have a PLAN, that brings your actions closer to perfection, but doing it messy and unrefined is actually better than waiting until you ‘feel’ ready.

Start posting using the formula below and you’ll get better over time. Expecting to feel ready leads to procrastination. It’s so much better to MAKE PROGRESS. You’ll build confidence as you keep going with it.

What the heck am I supposed to write on social media??

My guess is that you're good at what you do (AKA having clients come in for their service). You don't need any help with that. But how the heck are you supposed to know how to be a marketer?!

Start by remembering that you ARE good at what you do.

When people come in, you're not at a loss for what to say. You know how to have conversations. You know how to ask questions. 

Social media is about coming from that authentic place of wanting to know something about someone. 

Some posts may look like this: 

My own example…. What are your plans this weekend? I'm relaxing with my family and doing some podcast episodes. And then maybe a picture of me behind the scenes and then ending with "tell me what you're looking forward to!"

This is a great start. Simply ASK how they're doing.

To take this to the next level, the very BEST formula when you're writing Facebook or Instagram posts (or an email) is to start with a Hook, add your Content and end with a Call to Action 

HCC is your Magic Formula

  1. Hook
  2. Content
  3. Call to Action

Those three things are all you need to write compelling captions that build connection and encourage engagement. 

A hook can simply be a question. 

There are other things we could talk about as far as a hook, but let's keep this simple. 

Just ask a question, a juicy question...

Do you want to know a secret or can I be honest? 

Next, is the content which is your thoughts about the juicy question. 

My secret for staying super chill during coronavirus is essential oils every day. I love bergamot and lavender right now, but I have a few other mixes I use here and there. 

Maybe you’re sharing a picture of essential oils. 

The idea for content is speaking your client’s language. What are they going through, feeling, or needing?

You know from your day to day experience, so draw upon that for ideas. 

TIP: For more content ideas, follow key phrases in Google Digest such as “chronic neck pain” or “alternative therapies”. You can set up an automatic email notification to get current articles which contain those search terms. When you see something that would be educational for your clients, share the link with your own perspective.

Speak as the expert who understands their challenges. 

Offer inspiration, guidance, education, or your personal insights. For my “What To Post” System, download it HERE.

The call to action is what you want them to do next. 

So using this example above with the hook… Can I share a secret with you or do you want to know a secret? 

The content is about one of my favorite ways to stay relaxed through this whole global crisis.  

And then the Call to Action. 

What you want them to do could be...

Download my one-page recipe guide about how I use these three oils to chill out.

Or ...If you want more energy, you use this combination, it’s easy to buy at most grocery stores. 

Friend, you may or may not do these things, but you know how to put together a couple ideas that will be of service and add value to your clients.

People are following you and look to you as the professional.

The Call to Action for the above example is “To get my favorite essential oil blends, shoot me a DM or go to my website.” 

This call to action requires you to put some thought initially into creating a document, a PDF, something that can be passed on to your followers. You could title it “My Favorite Essential Oil Blends for 2020”.

You have the content, don't go nuts getting stuck on this one. Keep it simple. 

Think about things that you would tell a customer when they’re right in front of you. 

What do you typically talk about with them? 

Are there things that might help people with allergies? 

Another Hook might be...

"Are you one of the 3 million people that gets migraines?" Someone with migraines would read that and think, “Oh, wait a minute, 3 million people get migraines?! I get migraines.” 

Maybe this is a small part of your whole demographic, that's okay too. This is just one post in three that you're going to do this week.

Again, it doesn’t (ever) need to be perfect, just keep going with it. And (please) refrain from lasagna or tips that have nothing to do with your brand. 

Don’t get too attached to what happens with each post. 

Stay committed to the goal, which is to grow your audience, build connection, spark engagement, or have an awesome, successful black Friday

The way to NOT get attached to what happens is don't make things mean something. If no one likes your post, it doesn't mean things our mind might say such as ...nobody wants me to post, they don’t care what I post, or I’m wasting my time. 

I know it doesn't feel good if you don't get engagement but remember that when it doesn't feel good, those negative emotions only happen when it means something to you. This will cause you to get discouraged. 

REMEMBER: The POST is not your goal. Your goal is to book 5 or 25 new clients this month.  

Be clear on what the specific outcome is and THAT’S what your focus is. Everything else is simply supporting that goal. 

The goal is not for somebody to actually like your post. 

Let’s say your goal is for somebody to purchase from you on Black Friday. Believe it or not, even if there is no engagement with your post, they see it. They may even like it without clicking, and they move on through their feed. 

But you're planting seeds, and planting seeds. 

This is your Garden of Business and it’s up to you to not give up on planting seeds! For more about this, check out my Masterclass where the TREE you plant is all you need to have a flourishing business. 

Back to the example above, when Black Friday comes, they see what you’re doing and it's an irresistible offer, it's perfect for them and they don't even live near you. But that product set, "Oh my gosh. That's amazing. " 

They click and buy and share and repeat. This is planting seeds for the GROWTH of your business. So you can better understand that it is small minded to focus on the results of one social media post.

If, over time you’re not getting results in posting on social media there are tweaks we can make at that time but this framework is where you need to begin. 

TIP: Speak their language, keep it simple. 

When making a free download for your clients, use Google docs to create your PDF, or Canva. Don't overthink it. Don't get stuck on anything. Remember that you're being of service. It doesn’t need to be fancy. 

So friends, remember to check out the four simple offers for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. They are a great strategy to have all-year round, and will help you create passive income in your business during slow months.

Have a SYSTEM to make it easier. I hope this helps!

And please, TAG ME on your first post using this formula! I can be found @mrsbeccastarr on most social platforms.

Share with a friend who could use this, share the love and spread the wealth!


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