Why a Vision Board Might Not Work

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In The BITMOR Method, we do a little bit more and a little bit more in order to create an extraordinary life. One of the principals of the BITMOR Method is a proper feeling state. Let’s talk about how that works with vision boards.

Will a vision board work for you and, when should you use a vision board?

Did you know there are times when you probably, shouldn’t be doing a vision board?!

When you set goals and try to make big changes in your life, there are something’s that could help you get along much faster and easier and there are things that hold you back. Let’s talk about the things that are going to help you.

When we talk about a proper feeling state with the BITMOR Method, it’s unique to you and can be defined when you close your eyes and imagine what it’s like to experience that goal.

You have a goal, you imagine, you put yourself in the accomplishment of that goal. You’ve achieved the goal. You’re visualizing what that feels like in your mind’s eye and it brings up feelings for you. They’re empowering. They’re positive. Connect with the best words that fit for what it feels like to you personally, to achieve your goals. You write those words down. You remember what these words are as you go through your day. You do your best to embody these words.

Whether you chose your feeling state or your thoughts as you go through your day, or you don’t choose them. You are attracting more of what you are feeling and what you are thinking. What can you do to embody them? Can you just think of those words and they help you feel a certain way? They help you tap into what that feels like, sometimes. At other times, we need a little bit more help. One of the things that we can do is close our eyes and really take some time to visualize our goal and how good that feels. That will help us.

The other way is with a vision board. Now, this is a very powerful technique but, there’s a catch to that. When you do a vision board, when you create it and when you’ve completed it and you’re looking at it. And when you’re checking in with it consistently. It’s hanging there on your wall and you see it pretty regularly. It must make you feel good.

The best thing to do is find images and find words or quotes, all of the things that really feel good to you and aligned with how it feels to achieve that goal. How you imagine it to feel when you achieve that goal. So, a vision board that is relating to things in your career or your health, your finances, relationships, that in your mind, in your thinking, you would like to achieve and they sound really, really good. Maybe though, you don’t have a personal feeling, emotional attachment to that. Those may or may not happen and if they do, they may or may not happen quickly. They might be a much bumpier road to get to them.

Really ask yourself what you want, why it's important to you. How does that feel? What is that giving you as far as your emotional wellbeing goes? How is that state of being? Those feelings and what happens when you do your vision board and it's aligned with those feelings. That vision board serves as an amazing reminder. It's a powerful tool because you know how it feels. You've used your mind's eye, you've imagined it. You've defined these feeling state words. You know these to be true and, you know that they're meaningful to you.

And so, to see these beautiful, amazing, powerful, positive images on your vision board, really help to get you there a lot quicker.

Maybe you carry your feeling words around on an index card, that's a great idea to have with you as you go through your day. And, you see these feeling state words, and you remember the word 'calm'. And rather than the alternative, in whatever moment you're in during your day - you connect with that word 'calm'. As you connect with that, you begin to feel a calmness you didn't feel prior, because we go through our day and feel lots of different things.

Tap into the feeling of something that's very empowering for you. And then, attract more of that. Whether you believe it or not, there is a law of attraction.

If you look at your vision board, there may be an image which really resonates with you as being a very calm feeling. Maybe it's a vision of somebody mediating and it feels wonderful to you. Even if your goal isn't necessarily to be meditating with a glowing light around your head ;) You may not even have much interest in meditating. But looking at that makes you feel calm. It reminds you of an essence where you're going, the direction you're heading. That will be very powerful.

When do you choose to not do a vision board?

When it doesn't feel good.

If you're doing a vision board because you think it's the right thing to do but your feeling challenged and not positive. You're not feeling so great about it because it feels more like work.

Or maybe, you've done a vision board. Some things have happened, life unfolds, and by looking at this vision board, it no longer feels good. That means it's ceased to serve its purpose and the best thing to do is put it away. I would say until all of your goals are complete if you still want to achieve those goals, but right now it just doesn't feel good and you've put it away - don't throw it away. Put it in a closet, store it safely somewhere, my experience is things manifest when we let go! It's always been rewarding and validating for me to see a vision board a few years later.


Sometimes keeping a vision board up a little too long just waiting for the manifestation to happen can feel depressing! The best thing to do is put it away. Put it away with faith.

The vision is in your mind's eye. There's an intention, your life is heading in a direction at this point. You've made some claims. You've directed your ship. You know where you want to go. You're heading in that direction. You're going to get there.

You don't need to beat yourself over your head with a vision board.

It really, really, really should feel good. And if you don't hear anything else I say today about vision boards, it's that they should feel good, that's it.

Okay, so you have your vision board. Maybe you've put it away and four years go by, you're clearing out a closet and you find the vision board. I promise you, you're going to look at it and be amazed at what has happened. At what's come true and, what's manifested in your life.

Beyond that, it's amazing because they will create situations and chapters in your life. You find you've evolved in a way that's so aligned with your vision board and yet, it might not be how you thought it would be.

I wonder though, is it better?

Often times, with clear and positive intentions, the realization they've come true is far better than we imagined it could be.

Vision boards are very powerful. I want you to consider creating one, especially if you haven't ever made one yet. Start taking steps towards creating one. Or maybe you've made one before and you feel like it's time to do a new one.

Have fun doing it! Make sure you're feeling really good. And, let me know your experience with vision boards. If you're feeling challenged right now or, share the results you're getting from doing a vision board.

Share in the comments below, and tell us if there's anything I can cover to help you get your goals even quicker!

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