Why Marketing Your Massage Practice SUCCESSFULLY Matters

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Am I stating the obvious here...

Your business needs customers.

Beyond that, it needs CONSISTENT customers.

And beyond THAT, it needs HIGH-QUALITY consistent customers.

If you’re marketing successfully, you can stop worrying about where your clients are coming from and focus on what what you’re good at.

With high-quality consistent customers, you can RELAX.

What happens when you DON'T market successfully?

Vagueness in your appointments calendar causes stress.

Looking ahead at an uncertain future triggers:

  • fear of future
  • cycle of stagnancy
  • lack in your ability and confidence as a business owner
  • limiting beliefs about what IS possible

Are you a personality type that believes an open calendar represents FREEDOM?

Lack of job security and the ability to thrive is the opposite of freedom.

But here's the best part... you don’t need to overwork or spend crazy time or energy...

Marketing your massage business SMARTER removes the hard work and frustrations.

Let's jump into my favorite tips to market your massage business and grow a thriving practice - all while enjoying your clients AND your personal life even more.

Host An Event

Add Parties to Your Menu

Offering more group services will benefit you tremendously.

Group bookings are a fantastic way to raise your income within a short period of time.

If you have more customers enjoying time together, they'll create a "higher vibe" experience. This is good for business on many levels.

While there's more coordination involved, when you reach for a higher purpose (bringing more people together for celebration or healing vibes) the pathway to get there lights up before you.

I'll give you all the steps involved, but trust that this "pathway" is real, it's a part of the process. You WILL know what to do NEXT.

Pro Tip: Keep it simple. Offer a la carte services with a limited amount based on your staffing resources.

If you've never done this before, begin with who you know. 

First, get clarity on what this part of your business will look like:

Attire - predetermine what each therapist will wear (ex. all black or all white)

Supplies - will you supply or each therapist uses their own

Services - depends on who you know and what they do, can simply be massage

Second, call therapists and spa technicians to see if they are interested.

Keep a phone list of each person, what they do, and best way to reach them.

Third, promote, promote, promote.

Offer referral bonuses to the list of professionals you've compiled to help you grow your leads.

Share your offering on social media, with your email list, and everyone you know.

Lastly, be sure to have each therapist sign an Agreement prior to confirming or attending event.

It's imperative to mutually agree on simple concepts before working together.

Even if you're enlisting friends or people you know and trust, this is your business and ultimately your reputation and job security on the line.

In my courses, I cover exactly how to do this. EMAIL ME if you have any questions about the contract or building a team to grow your business.

Host an Invite-Only Event

If you have a space, even a small one, one of the best ways to let people know more about you is to open your doors. People are curious.

I've rarely seen someone pass up a complimentary hand massage.

Think of mini-services you can offer to entice clients and network with your community.

Pro Tip: Choose a date approximately 2 weeks away, it’s enough time to have a get together and send invites. Share it on social media. Don’t overthink, just pick a date and promote it. Trust the process. 

Who do you want to attract?

When promoting and sharing your event, think of groups, companies, MeetUp, friends, family, local businesses and small business owners.

If your dream client is female, prioritize women-strong organizations or gyms.

Again, keep it simple but do something to really GRAB your potential guests attention!

Find their favorite product and ask the company to sponsor your event (this benefits their company!)

Record a quick video of you talking about WHY you're hosting this event and why they shouldn't miss it. Share on social media and send to your email list.

Consider hot topics that you repeatedly hear from clients... How many of your clients have neck pain?

Pro Tip: Offer "neck massage" rather than "chair massage" and share in your video how you use a special technique to relieve neck pain. Mention how many of your clients say "....x,y,z...." when they finish a session with you.

Spark their curiosity with ideas that speak to them.

What to Offer At Your Event

  • spritzers
  • mini-treatments
  • hand, chair or neck massages, or acupressure
  • low cost services/items but high value to them
  • free raffle for full service
  • free samples
  • swag bags

It doesn’t need to be extravagant. Get creative though and offer what you can.

Partner Up - Think Big

When expanding your client list, think big by brainstorming local groups and companies who serve your ideal client.

Setting yourself up for referrals is the absolute best thing you can do for your business. 

You are in a community with other businesses who would love to share your feel good biz with their customers:

  1. Complementary Health Organizations
  2. Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Hair Salons
  3. Hospitals and Recovery Centers
  4. Mid-Size Companies - Any Industry
  5. Colleges and Specialized Training Schools
  6. Gyms and Personal Trainers
  7. Nail Salons and Private Estheticians
  8. 4 to 5 Star Hotels - Front Desk or Concierge
  9. Fine Dining Restaurants

Before entering into an agreement, ask yourself these questions:

Do they get a fair exchange of referrals?

Are they up-leveling your customer quality level?

Will you offer a bonus commission?

Consider Mobile Services

When you’re a Massage Therapist who wants to grow your business, it's good to at least consider ALL the Pros and Cons if you're not already providing these services.

Some of the Benefits of Opening a Mobile Spa Business

  • Low start up costs
  • No ceiling to your income
  • A lot of freedom and a lot of income
  • More money for your time

The bottom line is that many of your customers desire the convenience and luxury of in-home or on-location services.

The list of clients and referral partners is endless:

  • Small events
  • Larger corporate clients
  • Senior citizens or people who aren't able to get to spas so easily
  • Girls/Teens In-Home Parties
  • Bridal Parties, Baby Showers, Bachelorette

You can be in someone's world...

You're creating bliss in a tired momma's overbooked schedule, taking her 'one last thing to do' and turning it into a stay-cation experience.

Being a part of wedding and bridal events helps increase fond memories for family and guests.

You may not have a large space to set up everywhere you go but there is a magical recipe, what I like to call a "scientific approach" to the mobility of this work.

It’s not a challenge when you have the right SYSTEM in place.

Mobile massage services provides you immense rewards - financially and as a way to grow your business exponentially.

Some massage therapists aren't interested in mobile spa services, and while I’d love to convince you of how valuable it is, I understand. You can certainly grow your business from one location.

If you're on the fence, keep in mind, not everyone is doing mobile massage appointments. If you are ready to expand into mobile massage services, you will stand out in the industry.

I’ve heard interested therapists express fears of safety, or their ability to take on more. There are simple ways to implement everything using my system in "How To Open a Mobile Spa Business"... EMAIL ME if you'd like to learn more.

Pro Tip: Put a simple CTA on your website. Ask massage therapists you know if they're available and interested. Write a short business plan for mobile services. Have a price list with additional travel charges, commissions, staffing rates, guidelines for uniform and what’s expected.

Get a clear vision and start with a framework. You can easily grow into this.

Successfully grow your massage business with Authentic Marketing. I teach this because it's what helped me grow tremendously. When reaching out to new contacts, be professional but BE YOU. You are your business.

I hope this article sparked new ideas. If you have any questions, EMAIL ME for a response within 2-3 days.

Struggling to grow your massage business? Find out what's missing in our FREE training The 4 Steps of Marketing Your Massage Business!


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