Should I Add Mobile Services To My Massage Practice | Everything You Need To Decide

In this article, I'll answer all of your questions about the benefits and considerations of adding mobile services to your massage or holistic business.

Based on my own experience, I believe it WILL help you grow your business whether you’re just starting out or you've been in business for years.

For more ideas on to grow your business, listen to my latest podcast episode, "Scaling Your Healing Business in 2021 (it's a Must!)"

How I Got Started With Mobile Spa Services

If you're a massage therapist, holistic practitioner or spa owner, you may have considered mobile services. It took me a while to realize the opportunity, but that's because it didn't exist back in 1999!

Let me tell you WHY I believe this is one of the smartest business concepts to invest in.

Admittedly, I'm a little biased since I opened one of Los Angeles’ first mobile spas. 

Not without challenges and mistakes, it was a huge success!

Whether it’s the right move for you or...

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The Easy Social Media Post Formula (for Massage Therapists + Spa Owners)

Even if you haven't been doing a lot with social media or staying in touch with your email list, it's never too late. 

If you want to have a successful Small Business Saturday or Valentine's Day promotion, start NOW to build a strong connection with the audience you have. 

Social media is your number one path to create brand awareness, grow your email list, and get website traffic. 

If your goal is to attract clients, it's a great idea to start by getting them to your website or onto your email list. The fastest and free-est way to do that is social media. 

Your email list is the best way to build a strong connection. 

Your email list is the people who gave you their email address and hopefully you’re sending them items of value or inspiration or education

For PDF’s ready to send to your clients, check out our Free Gift for Your Clients and Template Library. 

When you stay connected with potential clients, you're building...

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5 Steps to an Authentic and Effective Self-Image

The podcast ABOVE is 5 Mental Shifts You Can Make NOW To Become The Most Confident Woman You Know.

Below are 5 Steps to an Authentic and Effective Self-Image.

Let me know which take on confidence you got the most out of, the podcast ideas or the steps below...


Your self-image is the way you view yourself. You might view yourself as a parent, employee, friend, blonde, sports fan, intelligent, impatient, and middle-aged.

But you're more than your career, gender, and age.

You're more than your parents' opinion. You're a unique person with nuances that are unique to you!

When who you are aligns with what you do, you're living authentically. But most of us view ourselves as one way and live another.

Authentic people act honestly and congruently. The benefits of this congruency are enormous:

  • Success
  • Self-esteem
  • Respect from others
  • Inner peace

Those that live lives misaligned with their values, beliefs, and attitudes suffer from more anxiety, guilt, and shame.

It might...

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BEST Black Friday Strategy for Healing Professionals in 2020

Are you READY to have a successful black Friday promotion? If YES ...Start now build a strong connection with the audience that you have.

To LISTEN to the podcast on this topic:

Social media is your number one path to creating brand awareness and growing your email list and website traffic. It's also the fastest and free-est path! 

So let's keep it simple and start there.

Your email list is going to be the best way to build connection.

People have given you their email and hopefully you are sending them items of value or inspiration or education.

Your website helps to increase sales. If you don't already have people booking online, set that up. Allow people to book online, to keep it easy.

As a massage therapist, I know it's important to talk to someone on the phone before the appointment. There IS a way to make sure you're screening your clients, even if you don't talk to them.

Drop me a message and I will tell you what I did through the years to...

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How To Manifest $30,000 by January 31st (My Framework)

In this week's podcast (airing Tuesday morning) I'll share the exact framework that I've been using in 2020. It's consistently helped me...

1. Overcome big feelings of uncertainty


2. Achieve great success with my goals

This year has presented a lot of new challenges, too many! But along with challenges comes ...REFINEMENT.

Manifestation has always (usually) been an easy process for me, it comes fairly quick and easy. Depending on how aligned my 'feelings' are to what I hope to create, is how effortless the goal is achieved.

The hardest times in my life have been when I have REALLY BIG FEELINGS about what's going on. Really big, negative feelings.

The feelings I define as 'negative' are worry, fear, overwhelm, doubt, insecurity, shame, guilt, the list could go on....

When we spend time trying to sort out negative thoughts, that doesn't help manifest great things quick and easy.

Negative thinking is a part of life but it doesn't always have to be.

So today, I'll...

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Why Marketing Your Massage Practice SUCCESSFULLY Matters

Am I stating the obvious here...

Your business needs customers.

Beyond that, it needs CONSISTENT customers.

And beyond THAT, it needs HIGH-QUALITY consistent customers.

If you’re marketing successfully, you can stop worrying about where your clients are coming from and focus on what what you’re good at.

With high-quality consistent customers, you can RELAX.

What happens when you DON'T market successfully?

Vagueness in your appointments calendar causes stress.

Looking ahead at an uncertain future triggers:

  • fear of future
  • cycle of stagnancy
  • lack in your ability and confidence as a business owner
  • limiting beliefs about what IS possible

Are you a personality type that believes an open calendar represents FREEDOM?

Lack of job security and the ability to thrive is the opposite of freedom.

But here's the best part... you don’t need to overwork or spend crazy time or energy...

Marketing your massage business SMARTER removes the hard work and...

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How To Market Your Massage Business

The Anatomy of a Super Successful Massage Business

Ready to write your Marketing Plan? 

There's never been a better time to get clear on your Unique Value, your vision, and your marketing actions.

Watch my FREE Training I recorded for you to make the best use of your time during Covid-19. 

Grab a pen and paper and turn off distractions, this is packed full with all of the primary information that's only available in my paid program.

MESSAGE me for more information (hello at beccastarr dot com) --sorry about the long form, bots are relentless!)

For the Template Bundle and Video Masterclass I mention in video, here are those links:

Template Bundle

Video Marketing Masterclass

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My Favorite Business Tools and Resources

To make professional videos, these are my favorite tools. 

If you're just starting and wanting to invest piece by piece, I've put them in the order of priority I wish I knew about when I was starting out:


Diva Ring Light (if you're just getting one light THIS is the one to get, hands down)

Note: I recommend this tripod because the first one I got couldn't withstand the weight of the light plus the iPhone mount.

Soft Box Additional Lighting - Above my head angled down toward back wall (not imperative but it does make a difference)

The Diva Ring Light is all you need but if you want some different options, I started with all of these and still pull them out from time to time.

Small Ring Light - for phones (great flexibility and grip)

Tabletop or Floor Lighting


Whenever I use my iPhone headset or Air Pods, it's FINE (it's better than not speaking into a microphone) but after trying less expensive studio microphones, I finally got the #1...

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Power Strategy to Take Charge of Your Finances


We're in a new reality that none of us expected...

Were you financially prepared for this?

I'm wondering, has anxiety kicked in? Are you concerned with how you're going to pay your bills this month, next month or in 3 months?

If so, you're not alone.

I want to cover some basics with you and guide you to feel more empowered.

I did a free workshop "Replenish + Embrace Your Power" in our private FB group this weekend and I wanted to share one of the strategies to help you take charge of your finances. [WATCH FULL VIDEO HERE]

In the session, I cover each of the 7 Main Areas of your life and offer a Micro-Action or strategy to help you improve your sense of control at this time.

Above is a clip from the workshop where I share a strategy to help you with Money.

Some tips when setting up:

  • Set aside time where you can focus and plan to do it all at once or break it up incrementally.
  • Download your numbers from January, February, and March and enter them into a spreadsheet. (This should...
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Kindergarten Values to Lead Like a BOSS

Whether you're conscious of your values or not makes a difference in everything you attract - people, problems, opportunities - every aspect of your life starts with what you value.

Our values serve as a compass in life and in business.

With meaningful values, we have a strong foundation and create an environment that supports us to be ourselves.

They have the power to get us on track, keep us on track, and help us thrive. With our own unique set of values, it's easier to make decisions, reach goals, contribute in meaningful ways, and feel confident. 

We all have the chance to be great leaders.

Whether you're a leader in business or the CEO of your home, a student, a co-worker, a creative, it does not matter.

A leader is someone who inspires others and we all have the power to do that.

To be a great leader you must know what you value and how to share those values with others.

How can you inspire others based on what you value?

What you value...

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