5 Things to Be Grateful for Everyday

The best way to create more abundance and positive experiences in your life is to focus on what we're already grateful for. When it's hard to come up with some, these 5 will always be perfect starters to get you connected to what you have that we're so blessed by.

Enjoy! And let me know in the comments on our Episode Website what YOU feel grateful for today.



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What to Do When You Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

Uncategorized Mar 26, 2018

What do you do when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? We all have these days, where not just one thing goes wrong but does it ever seem like everything goes wrong?

Personally, on days like this, I really start wondering, "Why is this happening to ME?!", as if it doesn't happen to anybody else. But I have a feeling we can all relate to this.

Maybe you start off on the wrong foot, you just wake up annoyed, later than you wanted to, you stub your toe and run out of hot water, couldn't find the keys. Believe me, I get it, and I believe we can all relate to this kind of morning, we all have them.

I've even noticed my two sweet, little angels have them. My kids can just wake up feeling cranky and not nice. They're just four and two years old, and for the most part, they are so sweet. It's something that we are all susceptible to, and we don't want it to ruin our days. I mean, it really could even ruin our entire week.

It's wonderful to know if at any moment in your day, whether...

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Why Being Unhappy is a GOOD Thing

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2018

Welcome! If you don't know me yet, my name is Becca Starr and I'm here to remind you of how perfect and beautiful you already are. You don't need to do much, but I do give you lots of great strategies to live an extraordinary life and really connect and prosper in your exceptionalism. We all have it, we just need to let go of a lot of things and maybe do more of the right things rather than the not-right things.

Today, we're talking about why it's actually a good thing to be unhappy. Sounds crazy, but stay with me here.

When we look at our lives from all angles - past, present, future, and different areas of our lives, let's say all of the main areas, which would be relationships, career, fun, money, your health, your body, adventure, travel, personal and spiritual development, when you hear those categories, there's probably one or more that could stick out to you right away. You know as you hear them that you're not happy or feeling complete and whole in that area.

For me, I did...

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How to Meditate: A Beginner's Guide

self-care success skills Mar 19, 2018

Change your life with this beginner's meditation guide.

Today's Monday Motivation helps you connect with your highest, most peaceful and knowledgeable power.

Join me in being the change we wish to see in the world!

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Colleen Hauk on Career AND Personal Fulfillment

Colleen Hauk is a best selling author and executive coach, I'm grateful to share her powerful message with you on today's show. Colleen helps us accept our full vision, empowers us to live the 'AND' life (you'll see!) and offers some great strategies on how to get started. We CAN have it all my friend, let's talk more about it.

To contact Colleen and access her amazing resources, visit her WEBSITE here.

I appreciate you listening, and always love to hear what helps you the most in the comment section.

Here's the transcript and below I've included a downloadable version as a resource!

Becca Starr: Welcome to Beautiful You. I'm here with Colleen Hauk. Welcome, Colleen.

Colleen Hauk: Thank you, Becca, for having me. I'm excited to be here.

Becca Starr: You are one of my very first guests on Beautiful You, and you're the perfect first guest because you share the most valuable tips and strategies for living an extraordinary life. I am so honored to have you here. Colleen, you're a...

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17 Tips to Slay Your Goals While Working Full-Time

All of my favorite strategies for creating a bigger, more extraordinary life. It's possible to work full time AND build the life of your dreams. Here's your coaching to slay new goals no matter what! 

I was inspired to write this because on Friday I'm going to have Colleen Hauk on our podcast. She's a best-selling author and an executive coach.

A lot of our conversation is about working full time and having a life with your family, and all of your dreams and goals achieved somehow.


Can We Really Do It All?

Are we really Wonder Woman?

I believe, and I'm strengthened by Colleen's message that we all are Wonder Woman. We all have that potential.

Today, what I want to talk about is how to slay your goals while working full-time.



Yes We Can and Here's How

1. Commit to Your Goal

Once you've decided you have a goal, and maybe that could be starting a new business or starting a new hobby, like painting, or something that you know that you want to be able to express...

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Are You Allowing Yourself the Gift of Imperfection?

How often do you plan things that are important to YOU but then LIFE HAPPENS?! Here's my firsthand experience in trying to accomplish one thing today. And yes, it feels GREAT to share an imperfect podcast with the world. Be imperfect today, it's worth it, trust me! To listen to the audio version of this article, click here:


I want to share a personal experience in the hopes you can relate and apply the lessons in your own life.

On Friday this week, I'll share an interview I recently did with an amazing woman. She's an executive coach and a best selling author, Colleen Hauk.

I was finalizing the edits this weekend, and there are so many great strategies I personally gained from listening to it again, and found that while she uses methods in her own way, it's very similar to the BITMOR method principles.

It's created so much success in her life. I love to hear these techniques from a different perspective. I think you'll love to hear them too, so join us on Friday for my...

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Matt Starr on How to Have Rock Star Success

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2018

My 1st Guest is a Rockstar! (No…really.)

Have you played it safe, do you need a push? 

Ready to feel inspired to live an extraordinary life, and possibly to also listen to old vinyl albums?

Learn the secrets of a rockstar life (from a rockstar!) and how to use them to up-level your life and career. We’ll be talking about practical strategies for extraordinary living, and this show is going to DELIVER.

I’m literally giddy about this episode - it’s my first guest on Beautiful You, and to help start my new interview series in a BIG way - my Valentine and mistletoe kisser showed up for a seriously great show. There’s so much value in here, you guys are in for a treat. 

I wasn’t sure what I was going to offer you as a resource to go along with today’s episode, but for starters, I’ll give you access to a download of the show notes. It’s word for word what we discuss. I think it will help you more than anything else, feel...

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27 Ways to Tap Into Your Unique Genius

I’m so excited to share this topic with you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved putting it together for you. If this topic could help you, use these suggestions slowly over time, or try them all in a week, just use them!

Let me know what you get most of it! And in two days…. I’ll have an incredible interview to share with you! I’m giddy…if you listened to our Monday Motivation Podcast this week, you know who it is, shhh! It’s good, you’re going to get a LOT of great concepts from this guy :)

To listen to this article's podcast episode:

#1. Take a walk in nature. Let yourself be present to your surroundings and your breath. Fresh air will do your mind and your body wonders. For those of us, like me, who live in the city, it's not always easy, but it's never impossible. You live in New York City, you have Central Park, you have beautiful neighborhoods. You live in Los Angeles, we have lots of parks. It's truly about tuning in and really...

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