17 Tips to Slay Your Goals While Working Full-Time

All of my favorite strategies for creating a bigger, more extraordinary life. It's possible to work full time AND build the life of your dreams. Here's your coaching to slay new goals no matter what! 

I was inspired to write this because on Friday I'm going to have Colleen Hauk on our podcast. She's a best-selling author and an executive coach.

A lot of our conversation is about working full time and having a life with your family, and all of your dreams and goals achieved somehow.


Can We Really Do It All?

Are we really Wonder Woman?

I believe, and I'm strengthened by Colleen's message that we all are Wonder Woman. We all have that potential.

Today, what I want to talk about is how to slay your goals while working full-time.



Yes We Can and Here's How

1. Commit to Your Goal

Once you've decided you have a goal, and maybe that could be starting a new business or starting a new hobby, like painting, or something that you know that you want to be able to express...

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Are You Allowing Yourself the Gift of Imperfection?

How often do you plan things that are important to YOU but then LIFE HAPPENS?! Here's my firsthand experience in trying to accomplish one thing today. And yes, it feels GREAT to share an imperfect podcast with the world. Be imperfect today, it's worth it, trust me! To listen to the audio version of this article, click here:

I want to share a personal experience in the hopes you can relate and apply the lessons in your own life.

On Friday this week, I'll share an interview I recently did with an amazing woman. She's an executive coach and a best selling author, Colleen Hauk.

I was finalizing the edits this weekend, and there are so many great strategies I personally gained from listening to it again, and found that while she uses methods in her own way, it's very similar to the BITMOR method principles.

It's created so much success in her life. I love to hear these techniques from a different perspective. I think you'll love to hear them too, so join us on Friday for my interview...

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Matt Starr on How to Have Rock Star Success

Uncategorized Mar 02, 2018

My 1st Guest is a Rockstar! (No…really.)

Have you played it safe, do you need a push? 

Ready to feel inspired to live an extraordinary life, and possibly to also listen to old vinyl albums?

Learn the secrets of a rockstar life (from a rockstar!) and how to use them to up-level your life and career. We’ll be talking about practical strategies for extraordinary living, and this show is going to DELIVER.

I’m literally giddy about this episode - it’s my first guest on Beautiful You, and to help start my new interview series in a BIG way - my Valentine and mistletoe kisser showed up for a seriously great show. There’s so much value in here, you guys are in for a treat. 

I wasn’t sure what I was going to offer you as a resource to go along with today’s episode, but for starters, I’ll give you access to a download of the show notes. It’s word for word what we discuss. I think it will help you more than anything else, feel...

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27 Ways to Tap Into Your Unique Genius

I’m so excited to share this topic with you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I loved putting it together for you. If this topic could help you, use these suggestions slowly over time, or try them all in a week, just use them!

Let me know what you get most of it! And in two days…. I’ll have an incredible interview to share with you! I’m giddy…if you listened to our Monday Motivation Podcast this week, you know who it is, shhh! It’s good, you’re going to get a LOT of great concepts from this guy :)

To listen to this article's podcast episode:

#1. Take a walk in nature. Let yourself be present to your surroundings and your breath. Fresh air will do your mind and your body wonders. For those of us, like me, who live in the city, it's not always easy, but it's never impossible. You live in New York City, you have Central Park, you have beautiful neighborhoods. You live in Los Angeles, we have lots of parks. It's truly about tuning in and really...

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5 Steps to Get Courage and Clarity


This week I'm sharing something we all need sometimes: Courage.

Make sure to check below for your special link to access a downloadable guide that will help you through the techniques I share in this article.

Courage is truly the difference between success and feeling very satisfied in your life, and not feeling satisfied but also living a life of regret - that's a very big difference!

When you step back to look at the two options, I want you to understand what you choose. We all need courage but many of us are not able to access it on a regular basis.

The courage I'm talking about isn't about jumping out of an airplane but sometimes just simply starting a conversation can feel just as scary as skydiving.

We've all been there, and the difference between the successful people who feel so confident and satisfied is that they feel that fear, and they do it anyway.

They do it anyway.

I'm going to break it down for you.

This article (and PODCAST) will help you if you're playing...

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Why a Vision Board Might Not Work

In The BITMOR Method, we do a little bit more and a little bit more in order to create an extraordinary life. One of the principals of the BITMOR Method is a proper feeling state. Let’s talk about how that works with vision boards.

Will a vision board work for you and, when should you use a vision board?

Did you know there are times when you probably, shouldn’t be doing a vision board?!

When you set goals and try to make big changes in your life, there are something’s that could help you get along much faster and easier and there are things that hold you back. Let’s talk about the things that are going to help you.

When we talk about a proper feeling state with the BITMOR Method, it’s unique to you and can be defined when you close your eyes and imagine what it’s like to experience that goal.

You have a goal, you imagine, you put yourself in the accomplishment of that goal. You’ve achieved the goal. You’re visualizing what that feels...

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Does Perfectionism Hold You Back?


Today we're talking about overcoming perfectionism. If you are a perfectionist or have some tendencies, this will be very useful to you. I'll provide some methods to finally stop letting perfectionism steal any more of your time.

Because I work with woman AND I personally have experience with this, I thought it would be really great to give you some tools today to help you finally overcome perfectionism.


Is perfectionism something you deal with in your life?

If it is - grab a pen and paper, post-it notes, your label maker - whatever helps you.

Trust me, I know about your label maker (or the envy you feel when you see someone else using one).

Let's get started.  


Be Courageous As You Let Perfectionism Go

My experience with perfectionism was that it FELT GREAT - at times.

It helped me accomplish amazing things - at times.

I LOVED when things I did came close to perfection, I still do.

But that's not the whole story.

If you can relate and you're...

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The Secret to Being Beautiful

No time is wasted. No event is without purpose. It's all for your good, whether it feels like that or not!

Here's exactly how to take steps to increase your personal power so you value every experience and begin to see moments in your life as the gifts they can be.

The "smile within technique" not only creates healing and joy, it makes you feel and look beautiful.


You Can Attract Amazing Results

As an added bonus (as if we need one with those results!) you'll begin to attract new and positive situations right away.

If you'd like to listen to the audio version of this article...

If you don't know me yet, my name is Becca Starr and I'm the founder of The BITMOR Method.

The BITMOR Method helps you create extraordinary situations even when you have no idea what you want or what to do next.

You don't need a plan. You don't need to know what you want.

It's a method that starts to create and attract amazing situations, people, and ideas, so you begin to live the life of your...

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Do Your Feelings Control You?

Do you have any control over that AND how much do your feelings have control over you?

One of the basic principles of The BITMOR Method is ‘proper feeling state’ and defining that for you is how it feels when you envision achieving something meaningful.

For example, you imagine yourself in Italy eating lunch at a cafe in the countryside, you’re walking down the aisle after longing to meet your perfect soulmate. You are wearing that tiny little pair of jeans and rocking them!

What matters to you?

What feels good to you?

Go there in your mind, envision it and become aware of how it feels.

These thoughts make you feel powerful, they bring you joy and confidence.

Access our guide to Feeling State words here:

The goal is to envision something that makes you feel really good and then write down what those feeling words are.

We don’t always have control over how we feel but in this process, when you think of something that makes you feel positive and...

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