Once we start heading in the direction of our dreams, life can get HARD and sometimes make us want to give up on our plan. That’s never an option, at least it shouldn’t be. This is the one, beautiful, imperfect, magical life that has YOU written all over it. We need you and we need your greatness.

More about ‘behind the scenes’ of this video below!

Soooo… I started this week with a few big items on my ‘ta-dah’ list but come Sunday night, I remembered my son was off from pre-school this week. Now, he only goes two half mornings a week but those 6 hours are my ‘put my work hat on and get sh*t done’ hours! Actually, it’s 4 hours if you take away the time Athena is awake.

I get SO much done in that little amount of time. BUT…

Two weeks ago my laptop died. I’ve spent more time on finding/transferring/uploading files in the last week than I care to remember.

I ran some online ads and didn’t get ONE click.

I had recorded different videos but after all that realized I had to scrap them and start over.

I was really starting to feel the exhaustion of launching and running a business while taking care of two babies full time.

And then I found out my 4 precious hours (that I absolutely love and get re-energized by) were not going to happen.

I’m going to unapologetically whine here…’this sh*t is haaaaard’.

Disappointment can be the most difficult emotion to get through but we can ALL do it. We have to.

So what do we do?

The thing is, my vision is so big and the reason WHY is so HUGE there is just NO WAY I’m giving up. That’s never an option. But what can I do to get through this and actually still enjoy the process?

In the face of struggle, challenges and everything life throws at us, it’s important to FEEL it. Without that, it’s going to bury itself inside of you, gross! Get it out!

And secondly, HANDLE IT. But not by DOING more. Take care of yourself first and everything else falls into place. I believe this happens because our vibration changes.

I knew I wanted to record a short video today. It’s on my calendar and I felt I could figure it out without too much stress. I didn’t realize it would be at the park! But everyone was playing nicely and it seemed like the perfect opp. As you can see, it wasn’t as chill as I thought it would be. I had to do (a few) things WHILE in the midst of recording. I had no idea what I said or how I said it but was truly hoping I could piece something together from it!

What was the result? A totally imperfect, perfect take. It’s not what I thought it might be – I have no make up on (thank you, sunglasses) and my hair’s frizzy as hell in a mom bun. And guess what? I don’t care!

And beyond that, can I tell you how AMAZING it feels to have accomplished it!! On any other normal day this might not be as big of a success, but TODAY?! YEEAAHHHHHHH!!!

And guess what, all of the things I mention in the 3 Steps to Overcoming Challenges video are ALL things I used over this past week! I didn’t even quite realize that until I uploaded it tonight and started sharing what this experience has been.

And just to follow up on some of those crappy situations I was dealing with – I finally have everything I need on my laptop, I got a surge of clicks online, I’m using SOME of those videos I thought I needed to trash (because imperfect is better than not done!) AND I’ve had a GREAT week with both of my babies at home! We even ended tonight with a Super Cool Zander Dance Party, and everyone knows how amazing you feel after one of those 😉

I’m sure I’ll have plenty more ‘opportunities’ to show my strength and grace and commitment as I continue living my dream life, but once again, I have the experience of overcoming obstacles. And you can too. Nothing compares to it and nothing can take it away. It’s your chance to do what you have to do and get to the other side and see what a badass you really are.

You got this!