One of the basic principles of The BITMOR™ Method is ‘PROPER FEELING STATE’ and defining your unique state depends on what your goal is.

To select a goal, consider an area of your life you’re unhappy with. How could it be better? Choose a goal that’s meaningful to you. Be specific.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself experiencing that goal. You’re living this accomplishment, how does that feel?

For example, you imagine yourself in Italy eating lunch at a cafe in the countryside.

Maybe you’re walking down the aisle towards your perfect soulmate.

Or you’re wearing that tiny little pair of jeans and totally rocking them!

What matters to you? What feels good to you?

Go there in your mind, envision it and become aware of how it feels.

These emotions are usually powerful, they bring you joy and confidence.


The goal is to envision something that makes you feel really good.

Write down what those feeling words are.

We don’t always have control over how we feel, but when you think of something that makes you feel positive and powerful, your feelings can’t help but come along for the ride.

You’ve gained control over your feelings.

Your feeling state starts with your thinking state. What are you thinking about?

Marianne Williamson has said that when something tragic or scary happens, we have a natural reaction that’s usually timely to the event. After a very short amount of time, we are then choosing to continue this fearful or angry feeling. We choose how we feel by choosing what we think about.

The answer to the question: Do you have control over how your feelings?

Aside from the initial impact of some event, you do have a lot of control over your feelings.

This happens by being aware of what you’re thinking. What thoughts are you associating with? What thoughts are you choosing?

Your mind likes to repeat things but you have the power to choose different thoughts.

Are you continuing to think about that jerk that left you? Are you choosing to relive the event? The pain becomes your choice after only a couple days.

CHECK OUT THE BONUS EXERCISE AT THE END OF THIS ARTICLE – I share an exercise for literally watching painful feelings fly out of your body!

The next question we’ll answer is how much do your feelings have control over you?

First, let me tell you why you don’t need a plan when you use The BITMOR Method…

If you ONLY do one thing and maintain a proper feeling state, you will change your life. SERIOUSLY! If you don’t believe me, I’d love for you to try it for one week. I challenge you!

There’s a reason for this…

Your feeling state, whether it’s positive, negative, angry or joyful …is your future.

You’re creating your future by your feeling state, so yes, your emotions greatly affect your life.

We continuously attract new situations, people, and ideas aligned with our feeling state.

If you want to keep a positive, powerful feeling state, start with your thoughts. Your thoughts affect your feeling state.

To help you create a powerful, positive state…

Bring your attention back to the vision you first created. You’re sitting at the cafe in Italy or you’re walking down the aisle filled with love, whatever is true, and deeply meaningful to you.

These simple reminders are going to help you get much closer, much faster, to the life you want. This is one of the reasons Vision Boards can be so powerful. We see images or read words which trigger positive feelings.

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You have a few options for pain and negative emotions.

  1. You can run from your feelings, stuff them with food, or use distractions to avoid them.
  2. You can give them a little bit of attention and watch them dissolve.


Decisions, decisions.

Many of us are quick to run from the feelings and turn to food, shopping or other distractions. I get it! We ALL get it! Who wants to deal with yuck feelings?!

There’s nothing wrong with comfort food or buying nice things for ourselves but do you have a habit of running from the pain of your emotions? Again, no judgment, it’s very normal. Just be aware and honest with yourself. 

With awareness, you have the power to now bring your life to incredible new levels.

In reality, avoiding negative feelings won’t make them go away. Stuffing your feelings is exactly what it sounds like, it’s essentially storing them in your physical body. While you’re trying to be free of your pain, this ultimately has the reverse effect! To make things worse, it can cause pain and even lead to illness or disease.

Here’s the good news…

When you practice the technique offered here, the emotions are cleared from your bodyWhen you allow yourself to feel something you’re negatively impacted by, you begin a powerful healing process.

Doesn’t that sound a lot better?

It’s a great alternative, don’t you think?! 

It’s so simple too, you may even wonder why you never tried it sooner!

All you have to do is to become aware of how you’re feeling.

The very best way to get through it is to go through it.

Bonus Exercise

Notes before beginning:

It’s best to do this exercise in one sitting. If you’re dealing with something more traumatizing, please use common sense. Ask a therapist or counselor to sit with you during this process.

One of the biggest ways coaching is different from therapy is that coaching is focused on the future, on practical solutions. Therapy, on the other hand, is based on the past and talking through what happened. There are many benefits of therapy. Please keep in mind that coaching and The BITMOR Method are very different from that approach and are not to be considered psychological therapy. If you need additional help, please see a professional.

Let’s Begin…

Bring your attention to the feeling, you’ll find that it in your body.

Where in your body are you feeling it?

Just notice it.

Stay with the feeling, pay attention to it. That’s it. Don’t do anything (unless you want to). All this requires is your attention.

It may move around. Follow it.

When you pay attention to it and stay with it, it literally moves out of your body.

It’s an amazing process. It’s usually very quick and personally, I’ve noticed the more I’ve used it for the last 10 years, the faster it happens.

Running from negative feelings eventually causes more discomfort, oftentimes creating behaviors taking us further from our dreams. When we know we have choices, we’re more empowered. We have the ability to create shifts and a more positive future. We get to see our full potential. 

The beauty of this exercise is once you release these toxic emotions, you’re not only free from them, you’re creating SPACE.

What do you do with space?

This space is for new opportunities. Continue to return to your PROPER FEELING STATE. Embody the powerful and positive feelings you chose when you imagined yourself experiencing your meaningful goal.

This energy attracts more of itself. Does that make sense?

If you’re FEELING STATE is calm, empowered and open…you’ll begin to notice new situations, people, and ideas aligned with the same energy.

I hope you try the techniques in this article TODAY and please let me know what you find most useful. Comment below to share your experiences, let me know if I can answer any questions.

Cheers to your best life,

xo, Becca




I hope this helps you apply The BITMOR™ Method. Your feeling state is a vital principle to The Method and THE most effective to create extraordinary events.

Comment below and let me know what you got most out of this article. Is there anything you’d like me to discuss more?