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You CAN control your destiny, create freedom and fulfillment, and build the best darn spa in your area!

Do you find yourself...

  • In a life that LOOKS successful...Yet you feel like you're missing something?
  • On the brink of burnout and bankruptcy, trapped in daily responsibilities?
  • Unable to remember the reasons why you got into this business?
  • Dreading the thought of starting over, not sure if it would even work out?




The Good News...

When you have the right tools and resources, you can:

  1. Fill your days with the work you LOVE to do, the work you're on this planet to do!
  2. Safely transition your business to higher level marketing and management.
  3. Live a life with purpose and leave a legacy that feels extraordinary.
  4. Rediscover your true calling...and earn an unlimited income in the process!
  5. Learn how to sail through even the trickiest situations with confidence.
  6. Become the woman you're truly meant to be, a sought after expert in your industry, and a human being who inspires others and makes a difference for generations to come.

What You Get

Access to group coaching calls and accountability on MARKETING, MANAGEMENT, and LEADERSHIP topics. This group membership will help you build a beautiful business with practical strategies and spiritual style.

Coach by Email

Get coaching emails from Becca that guide you with powerful strategies and actions that are effective, rather than time consuming. Using The BITMOR™ Method, you'll see results quickly.

Weekly Sessions

Your productivity will skyrocket as you continue to join in on these sessions. You'll begin to overcome pesky obstacles much easier, and achieve things you've desired for far too long.

Stunning Support

Hot seats, accountability, action steps, oh my! Access to masterminds, discounted individual coaching and tickets to VIP events are all bonuses available when you sign up today.

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Spa-preneur Strategies

This is THE place to get tips and tricks to move your heart-centered business forward. Learn marketing strategies, social media, and many more business building steps.


Productivity Tips

Plan your week with inspired intention, get to know the power of Micro-Actions, up-level your time management, and see results quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.


Know Your Team

You'll experience community in our group where you'll grow your network, build relationships, and COLLABORATE with other spa-preneurs who are interested in supporting each other.

Even though we are all there with different agendas, Becca takes in what each person needs.  I went into it assuming I had a specific problem that I needed to work around for my business; but after an exercise that Becca had us do, a surprisingly different angle came up that she immediately zeroed in on as one of the real issues.


— Jessica Shapiro

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Add Private Coaching and 5-Star Bonuses to your Group Membership to support you in achieving even greater results with Becca by your side.

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