How do we know when it’s time to choose a different path? Or what choice to make?

How’s it going to be possible?

What do we do next?

What if it doesn’t work out?

I’m so far behind, does it even matter?!

But, but, but…. there’s too much to think about!

It’s true, there’s TOO much to think about! It’s no wonder we give up before we ever get started.

I’m here to help you get past ALL of that mind clutter, and FAST.

It’s time. You’re worth it. And you’re not alone.

We all face fear when we’re making big changes. It’s like skydiving for the first time, imagine that feeling before you jump, it’s pure terror.

And then. You FLY.

Nothing compares to the feeling of freedom and soaring in LIFE.

But most people let the fear stop them before they ever jump. MOST of the fear is felt before we’ve done something for the FIRST time. After that, we have the experience and we’re a little stronger and more familiar with what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of comfort in familiarity but that’s exactly why so many people don’t make big changes.

And that’s why it’s usually a requirement to be quite uncomfortable before you’re actually ready to jump.

How do we know when it’s time for a change?

ANY change we want stems from a desire to feel better. There’s a belief somewhere inside us that thinks: if things were different THEN we would FEEL BETTER.

Discomfort is like the rocks that help a diamond become an magnificent stone. The diamond doesn’t even need to exert effort, it just bears the discomfort and eventually becomes one of the most beautiful, sparkling, rich and sought after stones in the world.

Just by being itself.

WE ARE ALL DIAMONDS. And guess what? The truth is that we’re far, far better than diamonds will ever be.

We’re smarter. Which means we don’t have to ‘just deal’ with discomfort.

We have power. And that power is available to us NOW.

We have support. We can find this in our current relationships, our new relationships (because there will be sparks with other people when you start on a new venture), and of course, our invisible team.

If you haven’t talked to your invisible team lately, I suggest that be one of your first steps. Sometimes to pray for the WILLINGNESS to change or the WILLINGNESS to make a decision is the most effective prayer when we’re at a crossroads. Ask for the willingness to know what to do. It will come and it comes much easier when we include our Higher Power (God, Universal Spirit, etc.)

So what happens if we ignore the desire to change?

There’s a process called The Change Cycle. We get the feeling that we want something to be different. It’s a small whisper, but it comes from a place that is the most still within us. It’s a good idea but why change anything, life is fine the way it is.

The thought gets pushed aside and we forget about it for a while. Then that feeling pops up again, but this time it’s a little uncomfortable. There’s a discontent with the current reality you’re living in and a desire for things to be different but the thought of going after that ‘little dream’ seems too risky and not worth the effort. It’s exciting to think about but it’s also really scary. A little too scary.

Flash forward a few more years and discomfort has turned to pain. In our bodies, in our relationships, in our self worth. We’ve created all this ‘stuff’ though and we’re far less willing to make a change at this age so what’s the use?

But guess what, the greatness we have inside of us, the calling we have, doesn’t just go away. It might quiet down enough to let you get on with your life but its job is to tell you: THIS IS WHAT YOU’RE HERE TO DO.

Eventually, a crisis FORCES you to change. Seriously. This is what happens. It’s not a scare tactic, it’s reality. Just look around, I’m sure if you saw behind the masks of people in your life you would see it. If someone is living their authentic life, you know it. And if someone isn’t, you know it.

Reality sucks if you don’t OWN it.

If you’re fine with not living YOUR authentic life, then keep at it.

But please, always remember, YOU HAVE A CHOICE.

There’s always options and if you’re unhappy in any area of your life – I promise you – there’s an amazing possibility that’s just WAITING FOR YOU to say YES.

Are you uncomfortable in some area of your life? Then YES, it’s time for change. Simple.

That was the original question and there’s your simple answer.

How long do you want to wait and how long do you want to take to get there? Those are good ones to sit quietly with and come up with answers on your own.

What choice do we make?

This one might not be as easy to answer but the most important thing to remember is that there’s no wrong choices.

I know some may disagree but those of us who have lived long enough and through enough know, the only wrong choice is the one we don’t make.


And keep in mind, not making a choice, is actually still a choice. It’s just a really lame choice.

No matter what you decide to do next, here are a few tips to make positive, clear-headed, heart-centered, set-yourself-up-for-success choices:

• Get with God (G-Man, Spirit, Universe, Angels, whatever you call it!)

• Meditate on it

• Pray

• Listen to music that moves you (inspiring/calming/rockin/heart-centered/soulful)

• Take a shower, it’s common for inspiration to happen here!

• Talk to people in your life that LIFT you and help you get a better perspective

If you have a feeling or are pulled towards something, trust that. The more we trust our intuition or where the Loving Spirit is guiding us, the more information we will be tapped into. The more we’ll receive it and the easier it comes.

If you need any help through the process, contact Your Life, Designed for some powerful coaching to help you get there SO MUCH FASTER.

Now go out there and kick ass! You got this.