Your unique healing style is needed now more than ever. Professional videos are easy to do once you have all the steps and will be a GAME CHANGER for your business. 

Professional Set Up

Get the best recommendations, see behind-the scenes, and find out exactly what you need (and DON'T need) to get started.

Industry Expert

Becca Starr was a very successful Spa Owner and Massage Therapist for many years before becoming a Business Coach.

Get Clients Faster

Position yourself as an expert that people know and trust. This will grow your business and secure your future in a big way.

In this course, you'll learn everything you need to film a professional video, including how to prepare and create outstanding videos, and exactly where to share them...


MODULE ONE:  Prepare for Your Video


#1. What You Need to Do Professional Videos

Get the full list and my thoughts on exactly what you need (and don't need) to start creating professional videos.

#2. Choosing a Topic

Here's how to choose ONE topic for your video. A list of Topic Ideas is included in this section.

#3. Mind Mapping

This technique will cut hours, if not DAYS off of your planning phase. Once you choose a topic, brainstorm your subtopics - what you want people to know/learn from watching your video.

#4. Write an Outline

Put your Mind Map onto paper or your computer. Be sure to read it OUT LOUD during this step so you can edit to what makes the most sense before pressing record.


MODULE TWO:  Create Your Video


#1. Decide How to Present

Are you going to wing it or read a script? If you choose a script, will it be a rough outline or teleprompter? Are you going Live or will you record in advance? In this section I show you a sample set if you're teaching massage.

#2. Tips for Creating Videos

You've done a lot of prep work, now's the time to put it into action!

#3. CTA's

CTA simply means your Call to Action - what will your viewer do after watching your video? I'll give some examples here.


MODULE THREE:  Share Your Video


#1. How to Promote Your Video

Once you've recorded, who's going to watch?!

#2. Your Purpose

Remember your PURPOSE and everything will come easier and more natural.



What To Do Next and
Special Offer for Students

It's Time To Take Your Business To A New Level

Let's be honest, we don't know when or how this pandemic is going to end. Instead of sitting around worrying (or resting too long!) get rooted in your purpose and help people who need you more than ever now!


In this online course you will learn...

  1. How to set up to film a professional video.
  2. I'll show you behind-the-scenes and share THE LIST of everything you might want to make beautiful videos.
  3. I'll give you TOPIC IDEAS (in case you don't know what to talk about.)
  4. How to prepare for your shoot (outline or script, dance party or not) 🎉
  5. How to feel comfortable once you hit record.
  6. We'll cover the editing process and where to upload.

If there's time I'm going to dig into Brand Clarity. This is such an important part of sharing your message with others. If there's not enough time, no worries because that Masterclass is coming up May 9th!

PS....You can use your phone and natural light to create a well-made video!

Join my "Video Marketing" online course and learn the secrets behind quality videos that grow your business.

Become more successful as a massage therapist or healing professional. There's no better time to learn how to get really good at this marketing strategy!