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The Massage Boss Membership is your step-by-step system to shortcut your time growing your business to attract new clients who WANT to pay you more!

If you’re a massage therapist or intuitive healer looking to secure your income while enjoying the lifestyle you dream of, than you already know that coupon-seekers and inconsistent bookings will not get you there.

I don't think I need to convince you that Groupon and Yelp aren't great ways to invest your time and efforts.

You probably already KNOW that creating consistent appointments in your business is the key tipping point that will allow you to grow, relax, and focus on what you're really good at ...the service.

Have you also heard that the massage therapy industry is worth roughly $18 Billion Dollars and growing? (Source: American Massage Therapy Association www.amtamassage.org)



Even if you're lucky enough to have a few great clients and you understand the value of a good referral - having a solid marketing plan that actually works can:


    Even if you're happy with your hourly rate, once you have high quality referrals, your authority and perception in the consumer's mind shifts, allowing you to charge higher fees for your precious time ...and get it.


    This can lead to unexpected opportunities, valuable partnerships, and all sorts of new revenue streams for your business.


    Marketing your business the right way attracts people who help support your vision. They become a 'sales team' for you excited to tell all their friends, family and co-workers.


    Knowing your schedule in advance helps you avoid burnout and fully enjoy your personal life. You begin making decisions with more clarity and take steps to expand your business with confidence.


    When you let go of all the time-wasters and attempts to grow your business that don't work, you're free to focus on what you love to do most, your true purpose, and the love you have for your healing work.

Even though the reasons to grow your business are obvious, the path to doing it successfully IS ANYTHING BUT


How the heck do I actually do that?!

Perhaps you've taken actions to get new clients or expand your business.

You've felt the excitement of a new idea, your could SEE the inflow of clients, and you planned steps to make it happen.

Maybe you even invested money or worked up the courage to get more visible on social media, assuring yourself it would be worth it.

Even with the best intentions, most hopeful healers give up after a few attempts, if the risk was even taken.   

Here's why many healing entrepreneurs get burnt out without a super clear plan that actually works...

They fall victim to lack of clarity over exactly what they need to do, while other entrepreneurs make it look so easy.

Or they stay paralyzed with too many decisions that feel overwhelming.

Here's why this is irreversibly damaging.

With all of the money, time, and ENERGY you've spent so far on school, possibly your business, and simply the cost of living alone, you literally cannot afford to veer off course.

Taking risks isn't a viable option. Therefore, having the right mindset and creating an effective marketing plan are the few things that must be done right the first time.

Luckily for you, there aren't many Massage Therapists and Healers out there doing it right. 

That means even if you’re late to the party ...there's still a golden opportunity for you to jump in and build your loyal following.

The 3 Myths That Will Lead To Burnout & Close Your Business

Myth #1

Build It and They Will Come

Building a successful massage business isn't particularly complicated but there are MANY moving parts and potential time wasters along the way.

Decorate the space. Get business cards. Design a website. 

There are lots of ways you put your heart and soul into building your dream business.

Unfortunately, most Healers approach their marketing strategy as just another "thing to do" but the thing is, you can't treat marketing as just another checklist item. It's an immensely valuable project that, when done right, can earn you local recognition and long-term success.

Time to treat it for what it is - a strategic game plan - and approach it accordingly. 

Myth #2

Massage Marketing Should Be Enticing and Blissful 

Creating your Menu is important and valuable but fluffy adjectives describing "Serenity and Tranquil Healing" won't translate to sales.

It's easy to think traditional marketing is just what you're supposed to do but there is a better way.

When your potential customers get to know you, like you, and trust you, you've built a relationship with them. To survive and stand out as a leader in this industry, you must create genuine connections with people on social media, online, and in real life.

When you use Authentic Marketing and become a personal brand, competition becomes irrelevant - no one can compete with who you uniquely are.

Myth #3

It's Hard Work to Succeed

When you fall into the pitfalls of 'hard work' and blood, sweat and tears, you're really not achieving success or having any fun along the way.

Your vision is more important than the details.

Your emotional state is more important the time-consuming actions.

Your values are more important than everything.

You can succeed as the CEO of your business, and it doesn't have to be hard work.

It can be challenging at times but it usually requires courage more than running yourself ragged.

There are powerful ways for you to start seeing results instantly as a matter of fact.

There are strategies that will skyrocket your personal and professional development and get you results faster than working HARD.

You don't have to buy into the misconception that it has to be hard work any longer. 


I'm going to let you in on a little secret...

Even though there are TONS of massage therapists and healers out there - no one is AS GOOD at doing what you uniquely do.

But as long as you believe business cards or *gulp* Groupon are what you need to grow a successful business... you will be the best kept secret forever.

A few therapists are good at growing a successful business, while many others fall short in this area.

The main reason for this, as you may have thought about, is that while you WANT to be an entrepreneur and work for yourself...

No one ever taught you how to be the boss.

And besides....you're amazing at customer service and hands on sessions ...shouldn't that be enough? 

I wish. For your sake, and for my past, younger self! 

So with your permission, I'd LOVE to show you how to create a highly successful healing business.


Every step, training, and resource you need to get clients and cashflow. 

This is a Private Membership that was created just for you.

It's filled with steps providing everything you need to know.

It would be nice if your certification program taught you how to successfully run a business in a way that ACTUALLY worked - but you've kind of been left on your own.

That's where I come in. And the Profitable Massage Boss Membership.

Hey there, I'm Becca Starr...

I'm a retired massage therapist, spa industry expert and business strategist, I help healing professionals and massage therapists who struggle with inconsistent income get more clients and increase their revenue using simple yet powerful strategies that set them apart from the competition and position them as industry leaders - even if they're just starting out. (Whew!)

If there's one thing I've learned in my 20 years as a spa owner, marketing trainer, celebrity massage therapist, and business coach... it's that without a solid foundation for your business to grow from, you will struggle, spin your wheels, and waste your time.

There's never been a better time to put your business in the forefront and focus on your growth strategy so that you can start getting high quality clients faster... and this program will give you everything you need to do exactly that!

The Profitable Massage Boss Membership is the ONLY program of its kind that…

1. Shows you exactly how to decide on your prices, design a signature menu and create a unique brand that stands out in a sea of competition.

2. Walks you through powerful mindset strategies that align with your full potential and allow abundance to flow easily to you.

3. Offers a comprehensive "Dream Client" Attraction Formula so that you work with who YOU want to work with and you're truly valued for your unique gifts and talents.

4. Helps you discover the beautiful sweet spot of being an intuitive healer AND a badass business owner.

5. Empowers you so that you save your body and have a lifelong, successful business that grows, even while you're on vacation.

So if you’re ready to finally take the steps to grow a successful, profitable healing business while avoiding all the things you don't need to do...

Here's how we'll help you get here:

Get Instant Access to 7 courses in our vault including... 

Pricing Guide + Services Template Accelerated Training To Brilliantly Package Your Unique Skills

Stop the uncertainty and confusion around what to charge and which services are the best to offer - and instead quickly design the perfect menu and presentation for your clients who want to pay you more for your unique skills.

Proven "Dream Client" Attraction Formula 

Use my proven marketing plans to attract your dream clients, even celebrity clients and larger organizations if that's what you want! Your unique gifts and experience are at the heart of your success, you will learn how to market authentically.

90-Day Business Launch Roadmap

You'll get the training and workbook to walk you through exactly what step to take and when, so you can feel completely confident. Even if you're established, this training will re-stabilize your foundation to move forward.

The "Video Marketing for Healers" Full Online Program

The best way to be highly successful as a Massage Therapist in this decade is to start using video. I know, I know, scary, right?! But don't worry ...this program gives you EVERYTHING you need to do professional videos, including topics to talk about, the best set up and how to feel confident before you press Record!

Exclusive Meditation Series Made for Healers

Powerful Affirmations and Meditations designed for Massage Therapists and Healers. Align with perfect health, wealth, self-love, and ultimate success every day.

PLUS 3 MORE of our best programs with...

  • Templates, Workbooks, Trainings

  • New Releases Every Month

  • Surprise Bonuses and Perks

  • Early Access to New Programs

  • Discounts to Professional Certifications

When making an investment in yourself or your business, especially in times of so much uncertainty, I completely understand the risk you may feel that you're taking when making the decision to invest in a program or service.

With that said, I want you to know that my goal is to always provide an insanely valuable experience to my clients. I also know that the programs, trainings, and services I provide are backed by 20 years of experience, training, and results. Everything I offer is tested and proven... I've done the failing for you and I only teach what I know works.

So if you are not 100% satisfied with the trainings, worksheets, and extras, you can cancel anytime!

That means that you can enroll today, and you don't have to decide if it's right for you. Take the full 14 days to explore the materials and then make an informed decision, rather than taking a guess.

So if you're not happy with the Accelerated Training Membership, you can cancel anytime before each new billing cycle and you won't be charged.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll in the Profitable Massage Boss Membership today:

  • 90-Day Business Launch Roadmap $197 Value
  • Dream Client Attraction Marketing Formulas $297 Value
  • Pricing Guide & Services Template Accelerated Training $297 Value
  • Video Marketing Full Training Program $97 Value
  • Dream Lifestyle Planning Session and Planner $47 Value
  • Meditation Series $29 Value


  • 2 Weeks FREE to see if it's right for you
  • 15-Minute Call with Becca to help you where you need it most
  • Discounted Rate (Monthly or Yearly) FOREVER

Total Value: $1062
(plus the forever discount)

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access for:

Monthly Membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

What our top students asked before enrolling in the Profitable Massage Boss Membership

I can guess why you're here... you want new clients coming in consistently so that you know your schedule a month in advance. If you simply sign up for this and don't actually use the steps outlined within its framework, I have no guarantee what your business future holds. If you enroll today and truly commit to this higher level education laid out for you, you WILL make money.

As a service provider, these programs WILL work for you. I say 'massage' a lot because I was a massage therapist, but I was also a Reiki Practitioner, Infant Massage Instructor, Empath, and so on...
When you apply these strategies to your business, you'll develop a proactive mindset, personal brand, and unique marketing message that's going to help you become more successful.

I know, there is a lot of competition. There always will be. Don't let that stop you because here's what I know...there is only one you. Competition becomes irrelevant when you begin using your unique style and personality to market your business. You will now have the opportunity to become a leader in your community.

I am so confident that you will get results, however, if you are not satisfied, cancel anytime before the upcoming billing cycle. Let us know what your experience was so we can make it better for future students, I truly want all of our students to be incredibly satisfied!

✔️  90-Day Business Launch Roadmap $97 Value

✔️  High-End Client Attraction Marketing Formulas $297 Value

✔️  Pricing Guide & Services Template Accelerated Training $197 Value

✔️  Video Marketing for Massage Therapists Training Program $97 Value

✔️  Dream Lifestyle Planning Session and Planner $47 Value

✔️  Meditation Series $29 Value

 Plus Bonuses and Surprise Perks

Total Value = $1711

Today's Price = FREE

14-Day Free Trial then your monthly subscription starts for just $67/mo, cancel anytime.

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

Profitable Massage Boss Membership - $964 Value

  • 90-Day Business Launch Roadmap $197 Value
  • Dream Client Attraction Marketing Formulas $297 Value
  • Pricing Guide & Services Template Accelerated Training $297 Value
  • Video Marketing Full Training Program $97 Value
  • Dream Lifestyle Planning Session and Planner $47 Value
  • Meditation Series $29 Value


  • 2 Weeks FREE to see if it's right for you
  • 15-Minute Call with Becca to help you where you need it most
  • Discount Rate (Monthly or Yearly) FOREVER

Total Value: $1062

(plus the forever discount)

But when you enroll today, you’ll get access for:

Monthly Membership

2 Weeks FREE then Monthly Payments of




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