About Becca...

Becca Starr is an authority on entrepreneurship, spa ownership, and female leadership.

She's the creator of The BITMOR Method, the founder of Infant Massage Certification, and author of High Perspective Management: The Spa-preneur Success Manual.

Becca speaks with authenticity, grace, empathetic connection, and humor. She delivers engaging workshops for companies, conferences, and organizations, appealing to women and nurturing professionals.



Speaking Topics

Courage to Lean In

Micro-Actions for Success

Authentic Marketing: Traditional Sales Don't Work

Personality Branding: You are Your Secret to Success

Team Management: What, Why & How

Build Relationships to Grow Your Business

Leadership Skills

Balance Work, Family & Self Care

Spirituality: Tap Into Your Invisible Team

Law of Attraction: Manifest Your Vision of Success





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Photo Credit: Pamela B. Corey

Photo Credit: Pamela B. Corey

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