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Becca is an Inspirational Speaker and Success Coach for women. She helps her audience tap into their highest potential using her signature program, The BITMOR™ Method. She also shares her coaching strategies as the host of “BEAUTIFUL YOU with Becca Starr” podcast.

As a successful entrepreneur, Becca was a leader in the Spa Industry for 15 years until she began her coaching career in 2010. Taking time to be a mother, she re-emerged in 2016 with a clear vision, to remind others of how beautiful and perfect they already are, giving them simple and powerful strategies to create an extraordinary life.

She brings her training and management skills to coach large groups and continues to be driven by her life-long commitment to uplift, inspire, and empower others. Focused on motivation and strategy, she shares a message of confidence, action, collaboration, and growth. She’s exceptional at connecting with her audience to help them see their unique strengths, work with others to achieve meaningful and profitable results, and how to effectively move beyond challenges.

Becca is married to Matt Starr, a rock drummer and producer, and is mother to Zander and Athena. Outside of work, she loves entertaining in their West Hollywood penthouse, dancing whenever there’s music, facetiming with family, and building bigger dreams for the future.