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12-Week Coaching Package

Get a fresh perspective, feel inspired, and walk away with weekly strategies that empower and excite you.

** 9 sessions must be used within 12 weeks **

Get ready for:

  • More Clarity

  • Step by Step action plan to achieve your goal

  • Inspiration to stay on track

  • Less confusion and overwhelm and more control in your life and career

  • Successful outcomes as you meet your goal in a focused, simple, achievable way

  • Proactive thinking - no more boxing yourself in. Possibility instead of limitation.

  • Emotional stability - instead of reacting to other people and situations that trigger you, you respond from a deep sense of inner knowing and feeling worthy. No more frilly self-care, but a full embodiment of self love.

  • Less limits on your net worth. Earn the money you really desire and deserve. 

  • More choices and strategies to either love the job you're in or find something that lights you up.

  • The discovery and confidence to own your innate gifts and strengths, and bring them to life. Fulfillment in doing what you are meant to do.

  • Making a bigger impact in this world. Creating a legacy as you truly live with more freedom and authenticity. 

Let's get started so that your purpose becomes your vision, and your vision becomes your reality.

If you think you'll be doing the same thing in a year and that does NOT spark immense joy for you, we can change the direction you are heading.

What People Are Saying:

“I feel more positive and optimistic! You seem to really care and have great life experience, you have overcome and accomplished, and you break things down into relatable, small pieces.”

~ Shay Olson

“I trust my intuition more, slowing down my thoughts about my business, I don't feel the need to rush anymore. You've taken me further in my business. I love how open you are and that everything is doable.”

~ Viki Brown

“It was hard to schedule time for myself but now I feel free-er and have gained great tools and insights that will help me. I love how relaxed your workshop felt. I'm going to recommend it to women who are focused on GROWTH. Thank You for sharing your love and your light.”

~ Liz See

“I was hesitant that I wasn't a 'real' entrepreneur and didn't belong, but I'm confident now that I'm on the right path. I mostly enjoyed that you truly listen and HEAR each of us. I can't wait for the next workshop! ”

~ Amanda Malcolm-Brown