Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions with Becca are available online or in West Hollywood, CA. Schedule a session by clicking below or request a complimentary Discovery Session to see beforehand if you’re a good fit to work with Becca.

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If you’re ready to take your life to the next level then it’s time to work with a coach. It’s okay to have doubts & fears mixed in with hopes & dreams, it’s how you walk through that to get you to where your really want to be. Speaking from experience, along with researched statistics, a fun fact is that working with a coach helps you achieve almost 80% faster. It can take you so long on your own, and some people never live their dreams. Which road do you want to take? Try one session if you’re not ready for a whole program! The best thing for our entire world is you being the best you you can be (did you get that?) Let’s get you started on THAT road.

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