August is the perfect time to rest, spend time with family, take vacation, get a tan that stays ’til Christmas and create memories that can last a lifetime (or at least as long as your tan.)

How can we resist all that? We’ve worked so damn hard, this is what it’s all about! It’s what this time of year is meant for.

So if that’s your plan, go all in with it. Don’t feel pulled toward work or business, let yourself go. Enjoy the moment. Be ALL there.

If that’s not your plan, for whatever reason, let that be the season you’re in. It’s one year, right now, it’s all we have. Why fight it or wish it was something else?

The more we live with acceptance of what is, the more likely we are to create a LOT more of what we want. Acceptance is the first step to every great new reality.

Sometimes we’re just at different places in our life. Maybe this is you:

  • Not around family or groups of friends this month
  • Traveled and rested enough the rest of the year
  • Didn’t work your butt off so there’s no NEED to let go right now

That’ OKAY. Wherever you are is OKAY. If it’s time to let go, this is your month and the world is with you on that.

But if you fall into the latter category, I have another option for you.

It’s actually brilliant if:

  • You don’t want to feel left out of summer fun
  • You’re passionate about your business & you WANT to spend time with it (but haven’t had the time or focus lately)
  • And most importantly … IF you want to gain some serious momentum

Think about it…

August is the perfect time for creating, planning, and getting an edge while everyone else is out playing. I’m not saying work, work, work is the way to success, IT’s NOT. But this is for those of you who have the time, energy and desire to do something different. Not just the same old showing up for work or responsibilities as the summer passes by… but REALLY taking advantage of the general tone of this particular month.

It’s (sort of) the halfway mark of the year so it’s a great time take a look at where you’re at vs. where you were aiming for at the beginning of the year. It’s much better than June or July, the factual halfway marks. No matter who you are, I’m guessing you get a little excited (at least) when summer begins.

The point is to GO WITH THE FLOW.

Taking advantage of the flow, whatever that means to you, is what’s going to get you in the flow of more abundance, feel good, look good, do good type of living.

If you’re ready for this alternative plan, keep reading. If you’re not feeling like it but you don’t want to feel completely disconnected from your dreams of success, check out some of these Success Books while you’re lounging by the pool.

OR NOT! Read above if you STILL need permission to truly LET GO. I promise, the honoring of that will bring in more positive, creative flow for you.

So back to the big idea for the rest of us. Yes, I’m in this group because I live in Los Angeles and travel a lot. I feel like I just had the best summer of my life and it’s only the beginning of August! I’m good. I’m happy to be back at home with my babies, back into a ‘boring’ routine (ahhhhh…) and finally having some time to get personal with my business again.

This is a great time of year (while everyone else IS relaxing) to FOCUS. It’s a time to have more space, less conversation, and get super (duper) clear on what you are going to do next.

Where do you want to be by the end of the year?

Let’s do some reverse engineering. Start with January 1st. How do you want to go into next year?

Or, better yet, step back one more day. And not just what you WANT but consider how you want to FEEL …on December 31st.

It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re exactly where you want to be. You are celebrating YOU … your life, your love, your blessings. It’s exactly what you had hoped for and you’re feeling even better than you dreamed you could. You are feeling SO satisfied and accomplished. You did what you set out to do. Not only can you check things off your list but you’re in awe of it. You DID it. It wasn’t a small task -it was a big goal. And you are (between us) very, VERY proud of yourself. I’m giving you a virtual high five, I know how hard you worked for this.

Get out your notebook. Seriously.

What happened that made you feel this freakin good?

Are you dancing with your team of pros who you had to hire because your new business was a huge success? Are you curled up with the love of your life and ready for bed by 10pm because you’re so damn successful you now enjoy getting up early? Did your bank account grow some zeros on the end of it and you’ve taken yourself on the perfect trip to celebrate?

If you’re going to buckle down for the month of August, you will definitely need to let go and acknowledge how far you came at the end of the year. It’s this decision that will add some serious badassery to your future. And part of successful badassery is patting yourself on the back, and celebrating and acknowledging all that you accomplish.

Imagine starting the new year with so much gratitude that you almost can’t even imagine what else could be next. But since you know how powerful mindset and good strategies are, you’ve already written out your Chapter 2018.

So back to the last night of this year. I want you to get a clear understanding of not only what you want to accomplish by the end of the year, but how you want to feel. They go hand in hand. Not for everyone, but in my life and coaching business there’s not one without the other.

8 Ways to Focus Your August Energy:

  • Consistent marketing will bring you consistent clients. What can you plan out to ensure that no matter what happens when the world gets back to work this September, you are tapped into your market. Write down a marketing plan that is well thought out. Do you have a social media platform that’s your favorite? Are there people you can meet with or collaborations you can begin?
  • Be intentional about where you’re heading and what you want to achieve. Is it personal, professional, humanitarian… what goals are PULLING you? Don’t think about what NEEDS to be done. Think about what makes you feel good. Write everything down then prioritize. Keep it simple. Access the workshop below to get more bang for you boom.
  • How can you make your life bigger? Can you hire a Virtual Assistant? Take an online course? Get 3 new clients? Land a huge project? Take an international journey?
  • While you’re lounging by the pool, bring your notebook to strategize. Stay open to the creative channel that you are tapping into. Honor the ideas and inspirations that come your way.
  • What is your message? Do you want to tweak it at all? What are you offering your clients and how are you verbalizing that? Does your brand represent your message? Do you know who your ideal client is? If you don’t already have a very clear image of the person who is your ideal client, start here. Once you know who you’re talking to you can better say what needs to be said. Don’t say what you do, say what results you are giving them that they already want. What can you say to trigger their response of “I need to work with her.”
  • Are you an expert in your field? If not, think of ways that you can become the go-to expert. You could write articles for blogs or news media, speak at industry events, do a guest spot on a podcast.
  • Is there any self work you must do to be better? Is it time to let go of some character flaws that are holding you back? Get really honest. Take a sincere look at your negative liabilities as well as your positive assets. Aside from truly being willing to let the bad ones go, what can you do to shine more light and embrace your strengths. This is a great time to do this kind of work as well, remember, no one’s looking!
  • Do you have your own voice? Are you confident with who you alone are? Be authentic. If what’s required is some deep personal time to find this, stop all else and prioritize this. Now would be a great time to do that.

There’s many exact marketing strategies I’d love to share with you. Oftentimes there are general concepts that everyone can follow but when we get personal you can take your game to a whole new level. Let’s see if we’re a good fit – I’ll offer free discovery calls to readers of this article through August 31st. You have to apply at this link but one thing’s for sure, no matter what, you’ll go forward with a renewed energy and motivation.

Bonus: I chose a card asking the angels if there were any other messages I could offer you around this. Gentleness came up. Be very gentle with yourself. Surround yourself with gentle people, situations and environments. I hope this helps.

Much love to you and your continued success.

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