Monetize Your Unique Life Experience

In this 4-Hour Workshop you'll discover which part of your past experience can be turned into a business, and exactly how to do that.


Define Your
Life & Purpose

Your knowledge and your experiences are the key to your future success. 

Develop a Unique
Personality Brand

You are your business and when you own that, competition becomes irrelevant.

Encourage &
Inspire Others

Become a teacher & a guide for others who need the special gifts that only you have.

Here's What You'll Learn

Module One: Define your superhero story so you can help others become heroes. What did you survive and who did you become? These insights will help to give you more personal freedom and unique power.

Module Two: Get crystal clear about what lights your heart on fire. Diminish the inner critic holding you back, and finally drop the BS of self-sabotage.

Module Three: You've developed useful knowledge and clarity, next you'll dive into a deep understanding of why it's important to share your valuable experience.

Module Four: Plan exactly how to position yourself in your industry, how to become an expert and a leader, and redefine yourself as a Personality Brand.

Bonus: With insights and planning behind you, have fun brainstorming the perfect name for your business, product, or service so that it speaks directly to your customers.  

"I was hesitant that I wasn't a 'real' entrepreneur and didn't belong, but I'm confident now that I'm on the right path. I mostly enjoyed that you truly listen and HEAR each of us."

Amanda Malcolm-Brown
Feel Bomb

"I feel more positive and optimistic! You really care and have great life experience, you have overcome and accomplished, and you break things down into relatable, small pieces."

Shay Olson
Actress & Model

"I feel confident in myself and my intuition now. You are honest about yourself and listen, which helped me trust you more."

Andrea Coronado
Northwest Mutual

"I trust my intuition more, slowing down my thoughts about my business, I don't feel the need to rush anymore. You've taken me further in my business. I love how open you are and that everything is doable."

Viki Brown
The Healthy Vixen

"It was hard to schedule time for myself but now I feel free-er and have gained great tools and insights that will help me. I love how relaxed your workshop felt. I'm going to recommend this workshop to women who are focused on GROWTH. Thank You for sharing your love and your light."

Liz See
Get Threaded Now

We all have pain but you've walked through a special kind of pain.

Help Others Achieve What They Never Thought Was Possible

Life is too short to not do what you love every single day. Who you are holds the keys to financial freedom and your life purpose, and the opportunity to share your inner strength is just a few hours away.


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