While we’re moving along in life we have a choice of how we wish to navigate. We can roam aimlessly or head in a desired direction. Before you brush off the former, let’s talk about it.

Roaming aimlessly could provide freedom, a lot less responsibility, and a spontaneity that doesn’t exist when we have a plan. Having to-do’s and goals and structure can be stifling and frustrating at times. But for many of us, we choose the latter because …it’s the right thing to do?

Well not just that 😉

Years ago I was in a yoga class and the teacher said (as I questioned why the hell I was there) that there is freedom in structure. I had never heard anything like that before and for me, a girl who rebelled against all structure, it eventually became a new way of life that was far more liberating than I ever imagined.

Some of us crave structure more than freedom. Some of us crave freedom with no structure. But what if you could have both.

What if…

You could have structure and goals WITH a ton of freedom?

Believe me when I say, it’s possible.

Envisioning your perfect life doesn’t have to start ‘someday’ or in a tropical location on vacation or sometime after retirement. It can happen now. Today, this month, this year. Whenever you decide it.

When I coach clients it’s never just about achieving a goal, it’s also about creating a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.

I’d heard the word ‘freedom’ from women in my groups so many times yet it had never quite clicked. It’s important!

For so many women taking care of families, jobs, and everyone else besides ourselves, I’m not surprised it’s come up as much as it has. We want more TIME freedom, more MONEY freedom, more CHOICE freedom. And WHY NOT?!

We should have those things. We only live once!

What’s the point of doing anything great if, when you get there, you’re tied to it like a ball and chain?

So how do we create BOTH? How do you create structure AND freedom.

It all starts with you. Your vision, your mindset, your choice.

Be intentional in your attention, focus, direction.

Envision the life you want and FEEL it. Create the feelings you desire to have as often as you can.

These are the first steps. It always starts with mindset and a positive mind based in power, love and intention. This will be your secret sauce to ultimate freedom and success.

It’s time to find that balance of structure and freedom.

Each of us has different goals. And throughout our life our goals look different in different phases.

My most recent vision included a loving marriage with healthy, happy children, a beautiful home, travel, security, money in the bank. Sounds good, yes?

Well, if you talked to me 10 years ago, this would not be my dream, at all. But as I neared 40, things changed. And I honored those changes. And the openness to create something different has blossomed into a near-perfect life that I get to live each and every day. Why it’s not all the way perfect is at the heart of all progress. We are meant to keep evolving.

While we live in gratitude, we strive. We create new goals. We rest in the joy and love of what we have and we focus on where we’re going.

We can have it all, but how do we get there?

One thing I’ve recently discovered while launching my coaching business is that there are actually goals behind the goals. These are the goals that will GIVE YOU FREEDOM.

What we want in our professional life is oftentimes blocked by resources. In groups I coach and in private sessions I hear women repeat some version of a lack of one of the following:




You knew as soon as you read those which one is holding you back the most right now. Even if it’s more than one, there’s one that could help you immensely if you were to achieve it.

In order to set goals that will SET YOU FREE, you have to create and achieve the goal behind the goal. This goal should actually be PRIORITIZED above all else.

Why do we need this goal?

Because it’s FREEDOM waiting to happen. It’s important and necessary to help clear the road ahead. Without achieving more of these Rock Star Goals, we’re going to constantly be struggling.

Taking time to think about this, defining it, and taking steps towards achieving this goal is going to help you immensely.

Which one of these could you use more of: Time, Money or Discipline

For me, TIME is my biggest challenge. I’m a stay at home mom, my husband tours a lot and we’ve been traveling the last month. These are luxury problems, but they are what’s standing in the way of my greatest life. If I wanted to be a mom and nothing else, my life would be perfect right now. I’m striving for a personal level of fulfillment and satisfaction though, I want my business to be up and running.

To create more time, I’ve taken these steps:

• I’ve just started the kids in a part-time day care program

• I’m not planning to travel again until October

• I’m hiring a Virtual Assistant

What will your next step be?

There are ways to create each of these and it’s not that hard. Hmmmm, let me rephrase that. It’s simple. Not easy but SIMPLE. Do you need help in creating more of one of these? For a limited time, I’m going to offer a Discovery Session publicly. I’d like to help you achieve your big goals, your goals behind your goals, and so much freedom, satisfaction and pure joy that you’re thanking me forever while you share your blessings with the world. That’s why I’m here. Why are you here?

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Thanks for living your greatness, ladies. It’s best for the whole world 😉