It’s time to start YOUR business.

Are you feeling torn between a stable career and doing something that makes you happy?

Are you unsure of where you want to go with your career, wondering if you should you go back to school?

Are you getting passed over for every job you apply for? Is it a sign?!

Were you ‘formerly’ a make-up artist but now struggling to figure out what to do?

Fill in the blank with your own 'formerly' job title, it's suffice to say you're not alone!

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Maybe you felt this way in 2019, but there’s nothing like a pandemic to bring it to the surface. Everything is amplified, and when things are overwhelming and intense, it’s hard to know what to do.

I felt this way about my career long before Covid hit. I know exactly the feeling.

But there's another feeling I also remember... the feeling when I finally put my foot down and did something about it. I was finally ready to make decisions to create success.

I've been living my dreams since that time many years ago, and I’ve never looked back. 

That decision signified true living. It was exciting and exhilarating.

It's time for your moment of decision.

"I found myself feeling completely flat, uninspired, stressed, burnt out. I sought coaching to help me figure out not only what I'm good at (as I had lost sight of this), but what I'm most passionate about - and if I should take a leap into a career change. Now, thanks to Becca I'm a professional poet teaching others how to write and distribute their own work, and the pandemic hasn't slowed my new business down at all!"

Lauren O.
Los Angeles, CA

Is it your calling to help people? Do you believe you’re here on this earth for a reason?

Wouldn't it be nice to apply your strengths towards something you really enjoy?

I believe every woman has an incredible idea that will help people immensely. 

You may not believe in your own idea YET but you have something unique that will serve a greater purpose. 

But I hear the struggle (and it's real)...

Honoring your passions and career goals while still being a grown up is HARD. 

Bills need to be paid.
Debt needs to be paid off.
Financial responsibilities are endless.
Kids in the picture? Fohgettaboutit.

There’s no good time to start a business. 

I’m here to tell you... there’s no good time to WAIT to start your business. 

There has never been a better time (and PS... ‘someday’ is not a plan!)

This Is YOUR Time.

That little idea you think could go somewhere …it wants to see the light of day!

You don't need to know HOW your idea could work, just trust that it CAN work. 

If you knew HOW, you would’ve already done it!

Your ONE job is to simply trust that this idea (or some version of it) is capable of success.

In a few days...

I’ll be coaching women who want to start a service-based business.

This program will be FREE but it’s for women only (sorry, guys!)

Please share this with all of your friends, it’s needed more than you know!

Participants will walk away with the knowledge, understanding, and support to start a business. But not just ANY business...

This is for women who want a healing or helping type of business ...anything that YOU feel purpose with.

You’ll learn how to build a successful business the way I did - with little money, bootstrap marketing, and a lot of spirit.

You’ll be able to confidently grow your business without ads or a big investment.

You may be wondering how I’m able to offer this for FREE. This program is actually a part of a bigger course I offer, and it’s the type of coaching I normally do. 

I’m following my heart and putting this out there because I believe there are a lot of people who could really use YOUR unique gifts and talents now.

Private coaching is optional, this program is completely FREE and open to women who are ready to take action steps.

I want you to get excited because you’ll have the power to start an incredible business with a Certified Life Coach and Business Strategist!

And why I'm really doing this is because...

Service-based businesses have the power to change this world, are you ready to change the world?!

By the end of 4 Weeks, you'll have...

✔️ The complete roadmap, 
FREE training videos, resources and materials, including a 23-point Checklist

✔️ Less financial stress - you will know where your money is coming from

✔️ A personalized career plan you can stick to moving forward

✔️ A business strategy where you share 100% of your unique personality and talents to help others... no longer stuck doing work you don't love.

✔️ A Career Transition Plan - you will have a step by step plan with milestones of how and when you leave your current job.

✔️ More confidence, courage, knowledge and freedom to do the things you love.

✔️ A focused mission to become a woman who is truly making a difference in the lives of people who need your unique skills the most.


Just Imagine...

1. You have crystal clarity about what to do for a business that makes more money than you're making now.

2. You have all the steps DONE and the know-how to run a highly successful, profitable business.

3. You wake up feeling motivated and find it easy to stay on track with personal and professional goals.

4. You confidently know what to do NEXT, no matter what.

Chances are...

You're lacking the support or resources you need to be highly successful.

You might know how to do a lot of things you'll learn in this program, but you lack the know-how to put it altogether.

THAT’S the problem behind procrastination - you lack the full system.

Don't stop yourself by asking HOW your idea could work, just trust that it CAN.

If you knew how, you would’ve already done it!

And when you ENROLL NOW, you'll get 3 Extra Bonuses...

Life Purpose

Discover your purpose and (finally) decide what you're 'meant' to do with your life.


The spiritual and practical system that helps you create extraordinary results.

Courage + Clarity

Gain the two qualities you need in order to be highly successful and confident.

It's a no-brainer, all you need to do is SHOW UP.

I know that if you're a woman who has read down this far need to be in this program. No more excuses, it's time for YOUR success.


What We'll Do Together...

  1. Choose the perfect business for you - one that uses your unique skills and doesn't require more education or investments
  2. Research your idea and validate a need for it
  3. Define the best demographic to market your business to - find the people who need this service the most
  4. Brainstorm and name your business
  5. File a DBA and take all the steps to establish a structured business
  6. Create a website from scratch - you'll have it up and running with 3 completed pages
  7. Consider all the legal protections you'll need, including contracts, disclaimers, and your refund policy
  8. Define your Dream Client so that you'll speak with confidence and attract people who really need you
  9. Write your Elevator Pitch
  10. Structure your Pricing based on the cost of business, your personal goals, your specific type of service, and the value you offer to customers
  11. Overcome any concerns you have about money, quoting your rate, or creating wealth
  12. Show off your website and share your new business with the world!