What is The BITMOR Method?

3 Simple Strategies that help you easily attract events, people, and ideas to create an extraordinary shift in your life.



Micro-Actions are infused with intention & very effective. While these might seem subtle & simple, it doesn't always mean they're easy, oftentimes, they require courage and tenacity.

Feeling State

Imagination is at play here. Visualize yourself experiencing a meaningful success. Decide on 2-3 words that best describe what that positive experience feels like. Embody this often. FREE DOWNLOAD

Invisible Team

Ask your invisible team for guidance: “What will help me create this?” Notice signs and responses. Surround yourself with people who give you a higher perspective. Write down inspirations.

Your First Micro-Action

Download our Free Cheat Sheet to get started. This isn't the 'go big or go home' approach, but the results make you wonder why you ever thought you had to work so hard.


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