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...You're on vacation seeing notifications of payments deposited & future calendar bookings — while brunching, meditating, or dancing with on a tropical island. 

That happened to me.

No clients? Been there. No income? Been there. Lost money on ads? Been there too. 


I opened my first massage business in 1999 and I’ve been helping others build their dream business ever since. I know what it takes launch & grow a very profitable & successful massage business.

Have you been “about to” launch your business or step up to the next level for far too long?

I’ve been there. And let me tell you… Once I realized this ONE thing, everything changed. You wanna know what it is? Okay, here goes...

Either you're focused on the right steps, or you need to focus on the right steps. It’s that simple.
That’s how I went from 0 to over 700 clients in less than one year in a small Connecticut town, from unknown to Celebrity Therapist in one week in Los Angeles, and so on…

Watch my #Anatomy class below.

Get your head in the game first & the rest will follow. I show you how to do this in just 1 exercise (really!)

Plan & execute your marketing plan with confidence. Use these 3 (free) tools for ultimate success.

Use my spreadsheet to measure where you're starting from & exactly what you hope to achieve.


The world needs your unique gifts. I teach marketing & mindset strategies for healers to become more exceptional & prosperous. I share my gifts because I believe nurturing professionals have the power to change the world person at a time. 

Meet Your Business Strategist

 Becca Starr

Hi! I'm Becca Starr & I founded Becca Starr Collective to accelerate wellness companies & individuals using powerful mindset & marketing skills.

I’m the creator of #Anatomy, an online intensive that helps healers create & launch their profitable business.

I’ve been a massage therapist, spa owner, speaker & strategist for over 20 years & helped entrepreneurs & companies by activating their courage, unique gifts & marketing genius.

More About Me

Spa & Relaxation Expert

In 1999, I opened Tranquility Point ... a Relaxation Center & Day Spa. It was a haven for hard-working New Englanders who often came to me for their very first massage.

I learned a lot during this time and created the "Angel Wings" technique, a highly effective modality that consistently results in repeat clients & referrals!

Founder of IMC

When I became a mother in 2014, I saw firsthand how the infant massage I taught for over 10 years helped the entire family, not just the baby!

I created our online Infant Massage Certification program & since then, we've trained students & organizations around the world to confidently teach the sacred skills of baby massage.

Inspirational Speaker

Many healers enter this field because of past traumas & painful events that lead us to help others heal. My story is one of poverty, abuse, drug addiction, miracles & transformation.

My speaking topics include Pain to Purpose, Courage to Lean In, Law of Attraction, Micro-Actions for Success, Embrace Your Power, Lead with Grace & Authentic Personality Marketing.

As a girl who went from dropout to high-achieving, conscious badass, I've landed dream gigs, met extraordinary people & manifested miracles overnight. How?

You are a success story waiting to happen. I'm here to help you uncover, discover & authentically share your unique gifts & talents with this world.



What you'll learn...

✔️ Actions to focus on FIRST so that you can actually achieve goals that will result in your dream life & business.

✔️ How to go from no clients to dream clients in a miraculously short time.

✔️ Which 'gaps' or limiting beliefs are holding you back from easily getting to the next level.

✔️ The 3 marketing tools I recommend before all the other (overwhelming) options available to you as a business owner.

✔️ My proven tips & tricks to feel confident launching & growing your profitable massage business.


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