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I help women entrepreneurs (like you!) clearly define your idea and confidently create a business that has unlimited growth potential.

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Are you ready to stop playing it safe and (finally) get what YOU want? (I’m excited because I KNOW you just said yes to that!)

I’m Becca Starr and the creator of The BITMOR™ Method. I teach women like you how to stop doing the ‘right thing’ and start doing YOUR thing.

My promise is to give you everything you need to create an extraordinary life and show you it’s easier than you ever thought possible. Get started with one of the free BITMOR™ Method Guide above and you’ll immediately see a shift in your perspective and confidence!

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Join our podcast community to remember how beautiful and perfect you already are. You don't need to do much, I just give you some very cool strategies to tap into your potential.

Roadmaps designed to build your Unique Dream Life

Using powerful and very simple principles, The BITMOR™ Method teaches key aspects of the most successful women’s journey.
  • Micro-Actions
  • Proper Feeling State
  • Invisible Team
  • Measured Success
Taking small steps consistently and feeling good is at the heart of our method. Infused with intention, your small steps lead to great results by attracting people, situations, and ideas quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.

Styled Collection of Empowering Strategies

I love easy to read, USEFUL information to improve my life, and that's what I’ve personally curated - a styled empowerment guide at your fingertips.

BEAUTIFUL YOU Magazine is a collection of stories, interviews, how-tos, and major
motivation for women like you.


What I Can Do For You

Did you know that discontentment is actually NECESSARY to begin making things better?

We just need to know what to do with it.

And that’s where I come in. 

I coach individuals and groups to:

  • Get clear on the future & define the best results to focus on
  • Develop a strategy using The BITMOR™ Method
  • Move forward almost instantaneously
  • Transform & overcome fear & challenges
  • Embody your highest potential and feel connected to your deeper purpose
  • Look at support systems in a new way, and build teams for the greatest good
  • Get & stay motivated, feel inspired now & as you continue to move forward
  • Increase profits & ease of goal setting & achievement

What are your goals?

If you’d like to see how to make them more meaningful, crystal clear, and attainable, click below to connect with me.


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