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I'm Becca Starr, Life Coach & Creator of The BITMOR Method. I help you clearly define priorities & take Micro-Actions that powerfully activate results.

I offer individual and group coaching to ambitious professionals eager to step into more confident, intuitive, and purposeful leadership.


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"I feel more positive and optimistic! You seem to really care and have great life experience, you have overcome and accomplished, and you break things down into relatable, small pieces."

Shay Olson

"I trust my intuition more, slowing down my thoughts about my business, I don't feel the need to rush anymore. You've taken me further! I love how open you are and that everything is doable."

Viki Brown
The Healthy Vixen

"It was hard to schedule time for myself but now I feel free-er and have gained great tools and insights that will help me. I love how relaxed your workshop felt. I'm going to recommend it to women who are focused on GROWTH. Thank You for sharing your love and your light."

Liz See
Get Threaded Now

"I feel confident in myself and my intuition now. You are honest about yourself and listen, which helped me trust you more. I'm telling my friends, I'm extremely glad I came today!"

Andrea Coronado
Northwest Mutual

"Becca has an amazingly creative and intuitive mind coupled with an infectious personality. She is intelligent, engaging, and an absolute burst of positive energy. She has the highest degree of focus and professionalism ...with a style and grace that makes her work seem effortless."

Jason H.

"Her quality of work is unmatched and strikes the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth. Becca's professional integrity and leadership are immediately apparent."

Ann F.
Family Partnerships of CT

"Becca is one of the most consistently reliable, trustworthy and creative people I have ever come across. She is a consummate professional."

Angelo Fierro
Real Estate Agent

"Becca is as sweet and upbeat person as you are likely to meet. She is a pleasure to be around. Working with her, for her or as a client are all recommended."

Michael Ellis
Southwest Airlines

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