Meet Becca

Spa Industry Expert, Motivational Speaker & Host of "Beautiful You" Podcast. On a mission to help Spa-preneurs tap into their extraordinary potential.


Hi Beautiful!

I help Spa Owners and Healers become better leaders, and build profitable, purpose-driven businesses.

The secrets to success I share with you help to improve the quality of your life overall.

Do you believe there's a bigger purpose behind the business you're trying to build? Something that could change the world, not just make you money?

You’re really good at serving your clients, you care about them and you know that you’re good at the hands on skills you provide.

You want a profitable business that gives you freedom but you're driven by something much more meaningful. You'd rather be remembered by how you helped to change lives, not just how you accomplished tasks or managed promotions.

You know you can help more people but you struggle with the strategies to get new clients and to keep consistency with the ones you have.

If any of this resonates with you, let me help you with the training and support you need to create the purpose-driven business and life of your dreams.

I believe that we can work together to put a thriving, client-conscious spa in every community. A profitable business that’s fueled by your values and truly aligned with your vision to make this world a better place.

I help spa owners and spa-preneurs stand out in a sea of competition and GROW their business exponentially without burning out.

You’ll see how building authentic relationships with clients who feel connected to you is the most sustainable investment you can make.

I've coached and trained hundreds of women since 2001 and I want to help you too.

My spa clients have included NBC, Sony, A&E, L’Oreal, Dove (Unilever), Billboard Magazine, E! Network, ABC Corporation, American Idol, ESPY Awards, Foxx Hole Productions, Entertainment Tonight, Crossroads Films, Dallas Mavericks, Houston Rockets, LA Lakers, Phoenix Suns, CBS, Oscar Suite Beverly Hilton, Ritz Carlton International Sales Office, and many more.

To learn more about your next steps, watch my free training series.

You’re here for a reason, and it’s beautiful.


Get The Spa Owner's Playbook!

Don't waste your time on running a business that will run you into the ground!!

I help you find your unique branding message and move your business forward at greater speed.

Traditional spa marketing doesn't work.

YOU are your business.

Your values and your personality are your business.

Your confidence and your sustainability will both grow as you develop these skills and market yourself the right way. 

You CAN secure a long-lasting, profitable and secure future. If things aren't working, there's a better way.

I'm so passionate about this is because the world needs you and your unique gifts. 

When a spa owner who truly cares succeeds, the world becomes a better place.


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