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Spa Industry Expert, Motivational Speaker & Host of "Beautiful You" Podcast. On a mission to help Spa-preneurs tap into their extraordinary potential.


Hi Beautiful!

I teach Spa Owners & Spa-preneurs how to generate more clients and make more money.

The secrets to success I share with you help to improve the quality of your life overall.

I'm Becca Starr and I owned and directed spas, and provided beauty services for almost two decades.

I opened Tranquility Point Relaxation Center and Day Spa in a small Connecticut town. I grew this spa from original concept to a major success story within one year.

A few years later, I met my husband, Matt, and we began our life in Los Angeles, CA.

I took my passion for this work and my love of spa ownership and co-founded one of LA's very first mobile spas.

We were smart and inspired...

We planned it all out before launching and our effort paid off. We became the go-to spa source for celebrities, elite athletes, and luxury hotels.

I took the reins and magical fairy dust followed me. (Keep reading for the truth on this idea!)

A few days after I launched Becca Starr Mobile Spa

I was massaging Queen Latifah poolside on a rooftop at a private hotel party.

(There were many moments I had to pinch myself!)

Once again, as I had done in Connecticut, I grew my team, added corporate accounts, and made a name for myself. This time, in the heart of Hollywood.

It was time for a change...

After a lot of self-searching, I moved on to my next chapter beyond the Spa. I became "Mommy" to Zander and Athena.

During this time, I discovered new gifts and blessings in coaching women Entrepreneurs.

In 2018, I tapped into my unique talent to coach Spa Owners.

I wish I could empower every woman who wanted to grow her business. I may get back to that, but for now, I've redesigned my message to speak to Spa, Health, and Beauty Bosses.

I learned so much throughout my years as a Spa Leader.

First, let me explain 'instant success' or what might look like simple luck.

Overnight success stories come after years of focused desire and determination.

My celebrity client list...

became a reality because in the late 90's when I first began, I treated every client like a celebrity.

It was important to me to provide the very best service to everyone who walked into my business.

I answered the phone as if I was a 5-star VIP operator.

I honed my skills to be the best of the best, I strived to improve myself and always get better at my craft.

I listened to my clients and I did my very best to deliver exquisite services to each of them.

My Marketing Success Secrets

In the first months of opening my spa, I paid for ads. I focused on what was available at that time - newspapers and community outreach.

My local contribution to events didn't usually pan out the way I hoped. And paid ads attracted odd clients. Even if I hoped for return visits, they didn't come back.

My first epiphany...

I'm thankful that I saw the light somewhat early on and saved myself a lot of time and energy.

I was getting a far greater return on referrals. These referrals were from clients who had started coming in.

I made a decision to spend my efforts on offering amazing experiences to everyone. I was not going to waste my money on ad space again.

I focused on building genuine connections and relationships.

I multiplied those clients who were telling their friends about me.

Every referral turned into more amazing clients. I started booking spa parties, workshops, and hiring more amazing people.

My second epiphany...

After some time, I was getting a little bogged down, feeling the weight of sole proprietorship.

I came across a piece of paper I had saved, it was something I drew a couple years earlier. It was an idea I had to start my own business before I knew Massage Therapy was a job :)

I was thinking about a coffee shop / book store, it was a comfortable place of business.

As I sat behind my giant vintage desk, my jaw dropped.

You see, on this paper, I had also drawn details, like plants and conceptual ideas. 

And guess what?

I was sitting in a near replica of that drawing.

I couldn't believe it.

My disbelief soon turned into great respect and a new understanding.

I thought back to the other (more obvious) desires I had that had also manifested.

This was before the Law of Attraction was trending. I had other memorable experiences that left me in awe so I had developed some belief in this kind of thing.

What I got was a better understanding of this law.

In that moment, I felt that it was ALL that mattered. 

I didn't have to worry myself with the details. I didn't have to exhaust myself with all the tedious tasks.

This is important for you to know because it's a big principle that I teach you.

Here is how I help you as a Spa Owner…
  • I show you how to avoid burnout from the day to day, and operate your business in a way that saves you a ton of time and energy.
  • I show you how to get exceptional clients who tell their friends and family about you.
  • I share with you the secrets to marketing and management from a much higher perspective.
If you use these success principles…

you'll have a better quality of life, make more money, and attract high quality clients. I will teach you the keys to having lifelong success!


Get The Spa Owner's Playbook!

Don't waste your time on running a business that will run you into the ground!!

I help you find your unique branding message and move your business forward at greater speed.

Traditional spa marketing doesn't work.

YOU are your business.

Your values and your personality are your business.

Your confidence and your sustainability will both grow as you develop these skills and market yourself the right way. 

You CAN secure a long-lasting, profitable and secure future. If things aren't working, there's a better way.

I'm so passionate about this is because the world needs you and your unique gifts. 

When a spa owner who truly cares succeeds, the world becomes a better place.


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