BEAUTIFUL YOU with Becca Starr

BEAUTIFUL YOU with Becca Starr

Becca Starr shares strategies and inspiration to help you run a highly profitable, heart-centered business. Get more clients and build confidence when you use the 4-Step Marketing Plan that led Becca to become an...

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Kindergarten Values to Lead Like a BOSS | Ep 65

Episode #65

Leaders inspire others and we ALL have the power to do that. Whether you're the CEO of your home, your business, or you're an important part of someone else's business - you can STAND OUT as a leader and inspire...
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How to Build a Celebrity Client List | Ep 64

Episode #64

SPA OWNER SERIES: Ready to grow your client list to high profile customers? It's a smart goal for many reasons! Find out more in this episode, and at
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Double Your List by Valentine's Day | Ep 63

Episode #63

SPA OWNER SERIES: Valentine's Day Marketing Plan 2019 Do what you did last year if the results were positive. Just rinse and repeat, keep it simple. If you're just starting out or seeking some sturdier advice, put...
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Symptoms, Strategies & a Challenge with The Perfectionism Coach | Ep 62

Episode #62

This episode's very special to me, I chat with Evelien, The Perfectionism Coach to help you put yourself first and enjoy your life! I met Evelien at an event in San Diego this past summer and she's become a beautiful...
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4 Steps When You Feel Like You Don't Fit In Anywhere | Ep 61

Episode #61

I made this episode to help you navigate this uncomfortable experience but I also needed these reminders! We all do. Here's the WORKBOOK that will help you begin to accept yourself more and to feel like you fit in...
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Motivate Others to Get Motivated | Ep 60

Episode #60

Strategies to start feeling MOTIVATED. It's time to kick butt, my friend, and here's how.
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How To Use The BITMOR™ Method | Ep 59

Episode #59

The BITMOR™ Method is a Personal Development System made up of 3 simple steps. It gets results quickly and will help you to improve every area of your life and career. Find out what it is and how you can apply it to...
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Know Your Worth & Ask For What You Want | Ep 58

Episode #58

If you're unhappy with your salary, your marriage, your 'lot in life' or things you settle for -- I have good news and bad news.  The good news is that it can and it will change. The bad news is that you are the...
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Micro-Actions to Market Your Business | Ep 57

Episode #57

When you're ready to move your business forward, really forward, it's time to focus on THESE specific steps as part of your plan. They are FREE and have a very high return on your time investment. 
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Get More Out of Relationships | Ep 56

Episode #56

We can all use some simple tips to connect more and feel the warm fuzzies. It will happen over time as you implement these quick shifts into your daily conversations. Enjoy and please subscribe to get updates on...
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How I Deal with Anxiety | Ep 55

Episode #55

In this episode, I'll be sharing how I personally deal with anxiety, and the value of relationships and experiences.  Depression and anxiety affect too many of us to act as if it's not happening, especially when it's...
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How to Get & Stay Motivated | Ep 54

Episode #54

Lacking Motivation? Here's 3 Things to Get Moving!  Please Subscribe if you like this show and for all my amazing women who tell me how much they love this, please take a moment to leave a review! I appreciate it and...
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