BEAUTIFUL YOU with Becca Starr

BEAUTIFUL YOU with Becca Starr

Becca Starr shares strategies and inspiration to help you run a highly profitable, heart-centered business. Get more clients and build confidence when you use the 4-Step Marketing Plan that led Becca to become an...

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What Marketing Your Healing Biz REALLY Looks Like | Ep 77

Episode #77

It's not business cards, Groupon, or Facebook Ads. These tips will help you restore the foundation of your business and marketing plan.
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Turn EVERY Pain Into PURPOSE | Ep 76

Episode #76

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What You Need To Know When Starting Your Business | Ep 75

Episode #75

I WISH someone told me these 3 things when I started my own business 20 years ago! For more resources, visit  
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Is Following Your Heart in Business REALLY a Good Idea? | Ep 74

Episode #74

"Heart-Centered" Entrepreneurs sounds great but how will that really affect your bottom line? If you have the courage to actually follow your heart, you will be able to make decisions easier, feel more confident and...
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Should I Open (or Add) Mobile Spa Services? | Ep 73

Episode #73

I'm answering ALL your questions about starting a Mobile Spa or Massage Business! Anything you need to consider about this type of business is talked about in this episode, enjoy!
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Scale Your Healing Business in 2021 (it's a MUST) | Ep 72

Episode #72

Growing your massage, spa or healing business in 2021 is mandatory, friends! One on one services are not guaranteed, and if 2020 taught us nothing at all it's that you need a back up plan. It's time to create income...
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5 Shifts to Become The Most Confident Woman You Know | Ep 71

Episode #71

Truly confident women embody certain characteristics that aren't as illusive as some might think. These 5 shifts you can make starting TODAY and they will change your life. Tried and true, proven to create organic...
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My Framework for Mindset Mastery in 2020 | Ep 70

Episode #70

This framework has helped me overcome all the uncertainty, make BIG decisions, and manifest AMAZING things this year. In spite of everything going on, this will be one of The Best years of my life, looking back of...
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Best Black Friday Strategy for Massage Therapists + Spa Owners | Ep 69

Episode #69

Start TODAY and end the year STRONG.  4 Simple Offers to make sure you have on your site. How to BUILD CONNECTION with your followers so they're eager to buy when you promote your special offers. EXACTLY what to...
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Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset (Q+A) | Ep 68

Episode #68

Let's talk about OVERWHELM and feeling STUCK in 2020! I'm answering emails from women starting new careers, wanting better money skills, juggling a lot, and feeling like they're meant for MORE! If you're ready to...
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Marketing 101: Stop"Bothering" Clients - Do THIS Instead | Ep 67

Episode #67

It's normal to think that emailing your clients is going to bug them - but it's not true! If you use the strategy I give you today instead of "Make an appointment! Get 20% off!" you'll remove the fear completely. WHY...
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Use this Big Secret to FEEL FULFILLED in Your Career | Ep 66

Episode #66

Do you spend a lot of your day not feeling ALIVE or truly happy in your career? If you knew this secret, you would be in the process of change already. It's something that produces results and gets you support. Want...
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